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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Aliso Viejo Waterfall Hike

Aliso Viejo Waterfall Hike in Aliso Woods Canyon Park

There are two things that I love to explore with my children – sea caves and waterfalls. Last year, I shared some of my favorite places to discover waterfalls with your family. Some of them are harder to find than others, and while I was enjoying sharing my favorite waterfall discoveries, there was one that I could never seem to find – the Aliso Viejo waterfall…until now.

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My younger son recently started attending Journey School in Aliso Viejo at the beginning of this school year, and every week he talks to me about the nature hikes his teacher takes him on, with one being to the Aliso Viejo waterfall.

Waterfall in Orange County

Best Waterfall Hikes in Orange County

I waited until after the big rain that we had last night to have him bring me to this magical place where he and his friends play every week. I knew that if there was a significant rain that the waterfall would be fully flowing.

Foxborough Park in Aliso Viejo

We parked our car on the street in front of Journey School (27102 Foxborough, Aliso Viejo) and walked into Foxborough Park. We walked past the bathrooms and onto a paved trail where there were hikers and bike riders. Once on the trail, make a right-hand turn. We walked about 1/4 of a mile, and there was a small dirt path to the left of the paved trail.

Discovering OC Waterfalls

Discovering Orange County Hidden Waterfalls

Aliso Viejo Waterfall Hike

I could hear the water rushing from the main trail, and couldn’t wait to see it. We walked less than 100 feet and there it was – a beautiful waterfall. I moved a giant log to the base of the waterfall so that we could sit and admire the beauty. My children could have sat there watching the waterfall all day, but more clouds were accumulating in the sky, so it was time to head back to the car.

Aliso Creek Trail Waterfall

Aliso Viejo Waterfall

This waterfall hike is perfect for younger children because they don’t have to hike long before discovering the magic of a waterfall. I recommend parents talk to their children before visiting the waterfall about the importance of not getting too close or touching the water (it is not clean water).

Orange County Waterfall Hikes

Trail to the Aliso Viejo Waterfall

Enjoy discovering the Aliso Viejo waterfall with your children this winter. Explore more!

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