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Ally Maki is Officer Giggles McDimples

It takes a special person to be chosen to be the voice of a character in a beloved franchise.  Think about it, there are hundreds of thousands of actors and voice over artists out there so when you get the call to be a part of one of the biggest franchises ever, you first ask is this a joke and two say YESSSS!  Prior to Toy Story 4 I hadn’t heard of Ally Maki so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When she entered the room, the feel changed, it became light, giggly (so fitting), and filled with joy.  Why?  Because that who Ally Maki is and that is the presence she brings to a room.  Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, Ally is also smart, kind, and makes you feel like you are longtime friends talking about life and her place in the world.  Growing up Ally was surrounded by brothers and grew up as one of the boys.  It wasn’t until she was older that she realized that the void of deep female relationships had been what she was missing her entire life.  So after forming some amazing relationships and seeing what she was missing in her life she decided to stake it one step further and founded a place for other girls like her with Asian American Girl Club. In an interview with Ellen Maki explained “I never saw anyone who looked like me on TV when I was growing up,” she says. “I wasn’t represented in any way. I want Asian girls to be like, ‘If she can do it, then I can do it, too.'”

So what exactly is AAGC? It’s a forum for Asian American females to have a voice to say hey I’m me not the stereotype.  It’s for the 14 year old girl who struggles to fit in because she’s the only Asian in her school and can get advice and support by peers cities and states away. AAGC is a place where girls support girls and cheer them on.  When characters and reality align it makes for amazing stories.  In comes Officer Giggles McDimples, the pint sized, bubbly officer who is Bo Peeps ride or die.

McDimples is everything you want in a bff.  She tells you how is, knows what you are thinking before you do, and without asking takes care of everything to make your world better.  She’s the kind of friend who would bring you a pint of ice cream after a tough day then wake you up at 5am to burn those calories just like Maki but maybe closed to 8am.  Make sure you check out Maki in Toy Story 4, follow her on Instagram at Ally Maki, and don’t forget Toy Story 4 opens in a theater near you July 21!

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