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Ambitious Home Improvement Projects to Consider in 2021

If you’re very ambitious when it comes to improving your home and making it look better, there are several projects you can work on in 2021. It doesn’t matter if you want to completely change how your whole kitchen looks or just looking forward to switching up some fixtures; there’ll always be a project for you. You can go the DIY route, or you can use a platform like Home Advisor to help you find a local contractor.  The following are some of the best home improvement projects you can try.

  • Upgrade your kitchen

Are you still cooking on an electric stove? Are your appliances woefully outdated? Do you wish you had a better space for entertaining? Kitchen upgrades are some of the top expected home improvement projects in 2021. It can be the outdoor kitchen or indoor kitchen, either full renovations or just changing appliances. The good thing about kitchen renovations is that indoor and outdoor kitchens can be optimized to suit your existing decor and design choices. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the design you have in mind tampering with what you had before. We expect to see larger kitchens with increased functionality since it’s a place where multitasking happens a lot. Sure, a project of this magnitude likely means that you’ll need to hire some expert help, but if you scroll through the HomeAdvisor reviews of service providers in your area, you can probably find someone who will do the job right and won’t break the bank doing it.

  • Having entertainment spaces outside

Many people are thinking about how they’ll upgrade their outdoor spaces, so if you’re considering it too, you aren’t alone. Several outdoor architects and designers have been able to share that there has been a great demand by people who want to change or improve their outdoor living space. How big or small it turns out depends on how much you want to spend. Some upgrading ideas include: getting new patio furniture, adding a new patio or deck, enclosing your porch, or even having a pergola built. Get outdoor rugs and lanterns for the outdoor space, and it will be ready for the parties you’ll be hosting.

  • Upgrade your bathroom

One of the best bathroom upgrades you can make your bathroom this year is a new shower. Large freestanding showers with linear drains and a zero-clearance entry are the most sought after in 2021. This information was provided by The National Kitchen and Bath Association from the design trends research report. Other popular and emerging trends people are eyeing include hardware for leak detection and self-closing toilet lids.

  • Create statement walls

A statement wall or accent wall always does the trick! It can give an old room a new life. You can either create one using wallpaper or just get a very bold color and paint the wall. Statement walls have become very popular amongst many people. Most popular designs include rich saturated hues derived from tones of jewels like rubies and sapphires or cypress and saffron, which are earthy shades. Add a nice pop of color to your home with a statement wall of your choice.

  • Closed floor plans

If you’re planning on having a major home renovation, you should note that many families realize that open floor plans aren’t the best choices for them. This was mostly influenced by the fact that many people are now working and studying at home. Several homeowners and buyers aren’t very comfortable with the idea of having open floor plans. So if you love more privacy, then you shouldn’t upgrade to open floor plans; so in 2021, there’ll probably be more doors. This helps with reducing noise through more insulation. Parents can work efficiently without as much distraction from the kids. They can do their schoolwork and parents can work on other things in their home offices.

No matter what project (or projects) you decide on, never underestimate the power of a completed home improvement upgrade. It has been an interesting few years, to say the least, and you have probably spent more time in your home than you ever imagined. So don’t hesitate to brighten up your living space, and remember to leave a great 5-star Home Advisor review for any contractor who does a great job!

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