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Amphibole Quartz aka Angel Phantom Quartz

When driving along the coast with a friend, we decided to see if there was a crystal store in town. We were passing through Carlsbad and noticed that there was a crystal shop that we had not yet visited, so we made a quick stop to check it out.

Angel Quartz

After learning that it was in the heart of Carlsbad Village, we both had the perception that it would be more of a boutique store, and that the prices would be super high. To our surprise, our perception was wrong, and we ended up discovering one of the biggest hidden gems in California.

We ended up spending a couple of hours exploring the unique collection of crystals that the owner had, and one of my favorites that I was extremely drawn to was the Amphibole Quartz aka Angel Phantom Quartz.

The Amphibole Quartz can only be found in Brazil, it is very rare, and a wonderful stone to work with. It has a very calm yet powerful vibration. It can be used to connect with your spirit guides or angelic beings while helping you to find a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Angel Wings (Phantoms)

Amphibole Quartz

The phantom (which looks like angel wings) inclusions are Hematite, Kaolinite, Lithium, and Limonite. The colors can range from clear, yellow, orange, red, and brown.

Healing Properties

Angelic connection
Helps with letting go of stress
Helps stimulate your third eye and crown chakra
Stimulate lucid dreaming
Aids with connecting with your spirit guides and angelic beings
Helps with letting go of negativity
Connect with the divine and your higher self

Using the Amphibole Quartz

Amphibole Quartz at Mystical Dragon in Carlsbad

This beautiful healing crystal is best used during meditation. When I first brought it home, I cleaned it on my selenite block and then used it for my first mediation of the day. I laid down in bed, placing the crystal on my third eye. The minute that the crystal touched my skin, I could feel the strong vibration. I had some of the most lucid visions I’ve ever experienced during that mediation, and I was drawn to sleep with it that evening.

Since my close friend advised me that it was time to start learning more about my spirit guides, I was stuck on how to take that next step. I am sensing that this crystal, along with deep mediation with guiding me towards connecting stronger with my guides and help me along my beautiful spiritual journey of rediscovering my true self.

Where to purchase

Mystical Dragon in Carlsbad

The store in Carlsbad (Mystical Dragon: 2860 State St, Carlsbad) has a small collection which wont last long. I do not recommend purchasing this crystal online. It is a crystal that you’ll want to see and ensure that you feel a strong connection with before purchasing. I was able to get a 2″ piece for around $12 that has many beautiful phantoms inside it.

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