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An App That Brings Families Together


Talking to family that lives hundreds of miles away from you is relatively easy in this age of technology. Connecting with them as if they were in the same room is a different story. While a phone call or a social media message will carry a nice sentiment, they oftentimes feel as if you’re “checking in” rather than growing a bond. This is especially true with grandparents and grandkids, where the generation gap oftentimes produces shallow conversations.

The need to make and cultivate these connections is why Panasonic’s HomeTeam™ app is such a vital download. This special online service reaches across distance and generations to connect grandparents, parents, and grandkids by letting them enjoy shared experiences in real-time. With the HomeTeam™ app, family members of all ages can engage in the kinds of activities that may otherwise only happen with everyone in the same room.


With HomeTeam™, grown-ups can choose from hundreds of book titles available in the app’s library, from vintage titles like Curious George to current books destined to be the classics of tomorrow. This not only helps to develop solid reading habits at a young age, but it also allows long-distance family to spend quality, meaningful time with children – the kind of time that makes a positive impact on kids as they grow.

HomeTeam™ also allows users of all generations to play engaging, family-friendly games with each other. Users can partake in a classic game like chess or checkers, or check out a host of new games exclusive to HomeTeam™, including several educational titles that allow kids to learn basic math skills, logic, vocabulary, science, and more. These games are designed for family members of all ages to have fun. More importantly, they can provide a conduit for meaningful conversation between grandparents and grandchildren, which in turn can cultivate into deep bonds and lasting, cherished memories.


And fortifying these special bonds is the whole reason why Panasonic’s HomeTeam app exists. Its engaging activities not only lessen the distance between immediate long-distance family members, but it also shrinks the generation gap in a way that an awkward phone call between a grandparent and grandchild simply cannot achieve. It’s an app that brings families together, regardless of age or address. And that’s not just a lot of talk.
The Panasonic HomeTeam app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Rich Manning is a freelance writer that has been covering Orange County’s food, wine, and lifestyle scene for ten years. He currently lives in Fountain Valley with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.
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