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An Auto Manufacturer Deeply Rooted in our Community

Kia has provided us with a Sorento to drive

The reason that I started writing many years ago, was to give back to our community by helping families to learn about fun new ways to create magical memories with their children in Orange County. Along with sharing the best parks, beaches, and dining destinations, it has always been important for me to help support the incredible non-profits in our community that help to make Orange County the best place to live in California. I recently learned that Kia shares the same passion and is deeply rooted in our community by helping to support multiple Orange County non-profits.

Kia is a Korean Company, but has their North American headquarters right here in Orange County. They have a beautiful building in Irvine that I’m sure all of you have admired when driving along the 5 freeway. The Orange County-based company is more than just a car manufacturer, but also a major philanthropist in our community.

I first learned about Kia’s philanthropy work a couple of years ago when visiting the Ecology Center and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. While on a tour of the Ecology Center, the founder, Evan Marks, talked about how Kia helps to fund many of the programs that the Ecology Center provides to help educate our community on how to live sustainable lifestyles. Kia plays a significant role in ensuring that families and schools have the Ecology Center as a resource to learn how simple solutions make big impacts on our planet Earth. The Ecology Center is where I first went to get tips on how to start a backyard garden, where I learned how to make a bee garden, and where I’ve enjoyed spending time with my children walking around their beautiful gardens. When it comes to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, it is a favorite non-profit to all families living in Orange County. Knowing that Kia helps to support an organization that helps save the lives of sick sea lions, makes them a company that truly cares. It doesn’t stop with just these two non-profits, Kia helps to support much more in our own backyard.

If you’ve been following our blog over the past couple of years, you’ve seen us talk about many types of cars. We drove cars from every manufacturer, but there was one that always stood out to me, and that was Kia. Their cars have always had the best technology, upscale interiors, and sleek body styles. As I have started to learn more about how Kia is invested in our community, it became apparent that they are the one car manufacturer that we should be supporting, and helping to share their story.

Last week, I hung up the keys to my “Mommy Mercedes” and went to the Kia headquarters in Irvine where I got a new set of keys to a beautiful Kia Sorento. I brought my kids to the headquarters where we got a chance to meet some of the people behind this great company and tour the beautiful grounds. I got to talk with one of the project managers who helps with the design of Kia cars, and I was inspired by his passion for wanting to design a luxury car for families without the luxury car sticker price.

Shelby and a Kia Project Manager

I got into the Kia Sorento, and I can honestly say that the car has a more luxurious interior than my GLS450. I drove away excited about getting to learn more about what makes the Kia brand so special, and getting to share it with all of you. Follow along on our journey of learning more about Kia, how they helping to make our community a better place, and about our many adventures driving the Kia Sorento.

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