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An Electric Vehicle Powerful Enough to Autocross

As Rascal Flatts would say, I like fast cars and freedom.

So, imagine my surprise when I got an invite to autocross with an electric vehicle. I was so intrigued that I couldn’t resist saying “yes” to test out the Chevy Bolt EV on a track at Santa Anita. When I arrived at Santa Anita, there were three Chevy Bolt EV cars and one VW GTI (that most popular car autocross drivers have preferred driving) until experiencing the Chevy Bolt so we could compare the ride.

When comparing the Chevy Bolt EV to the VW GTI:

The Chevy Bolt EV: Length 164″, Width 69.5, Height 62.8, Wheelbase 102.4, Pass Volume 94.4 cu ft, Max Cargo Volume 56.6 cu ft

The VW GTI: Length 168″, Width 70.8, Height 57.8, Wheelbase 103.6, Pass Volume 93.5 cu ft, Max Cargo Volume 52.7 cu ft

I had never tried autocross before and was a little nervous at first. I have always been a passenger when getting to experience the thrill of a fast car and was excited to be the driver for the first time. I started by driving the VW GTI to see what autocross drivers enjoy about the car driving experience. I drove up to the starting line, and when the flag when down, I punched the gas and drove out of a plume of smoke onto the track. The VW performed well, but it was hard on the turns, and I felt like the car was a little too big for the tight track we were driving.

Next, it was time to see how an electric vehicle can compare to a gas vehicle on the autocross course. The Chevy Bolt EV offers 200 horsepower with 266 lb-ft torque! It can go 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and can perform for 238 miles with a full charge.

I got behind the wheel of the car, rolled the windows up, turned up the volume on my favorite song by Cardi B, and hit the gas pedal. The car still provided that thrilling plume of smoke you get with a gas vehicle, and yet took the curves with ease. I ended up coming across the finish line incredibly faster than when driving the gas vehicle. I couldn’t get enough of driving the Chevy Bolt EV on the course that I did it multiple times, and even jumped in as a passenger when some of my friends were driving ~ it was so fun!

When looking at the key stats, the Chevy Bolt EV has 200 HP and 266 torque, and the VW GTI has 220 HP and 258 torque, but yet the Bolt performed better on the track. The best part of these stats is the impact on your wallet. The annual fuel cost of the Chevy Bolt is $550, and the VW GTI is $1,350!! If performance on the track isn’t enough to convince you that the Chevy Bolt outperforms the VW GTI, let’s look at the cost. The Chevy Bolt has a starting MSRP of $37,495, and the VW GTI is at $30,470 ~ but you get what you pay for!

Electric vehicles have that stigma of being slow cars, but the Chevy Bolt EV is anything but slow. We tore up the autocross course until the tires couldn’t take it anymore…but the engine still could. Never would I think that an electric vehicle could handle autocross until experiencing the Chevy Bolt EV on a track. It is such a fun car to drive, and will remove that stigma of “electric vehicles are so slow on the road.”

When looking to purchase an electric vehicle that is still going to make driving fun, even when you have crying babies in the back seat, I highly recommend the Chevy Bolt EV. You’ll still be able to keep up with traffic on the 405, and the car has a pretty slick body, making you look the age that you feel on the road.

Learn more about the Chevy Bolt EV online.

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