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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Aquarium of the Pacific Holiday Treats Celebration


Just recently, I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific for their holiday treats event. The Aquarium of the Pacific is a great place where kids like me can learn about sea creatures while having a great experience at the Aquarium. When I went to the Aquarium, they were doing santa diving and doing a bunch of Christmas things with the animals. What one of my favorite things was the diving Santa. During the santa diving, they taught you about all the creatures that were living where he was diving. You also got to see santa in all of his scuba gear (which is very fun for the kids.)



During the experience at the aquarium, we also did some exploring with our dad and grandparents. We went in the lorikeet forest, pet the baby sharks, went to a puppet show, and a lot more! At the Aquarium, the lorikeet forest is one of my favorite things!



You can buy nectar outside of the forest for them and walk in, and some of them will land on you. If you would just like to look at the lorikeets, I would recommend not to buy the nectar. Another thing I really enjoy doing is petting the baby sharks. The baby sharks are super friendly. Now and then puppet shows were happening during the event. The puppet shows are super funny, and I guarantee your kids will laugh.



The last thing I really enjoy is the inside tropical fish center. Inside of the building are many little tunnels where you could walk through them and look at all the fish, but my favorite one is a tropical fish center. Since whenever me and my family go on a vacation, we always go somewhere tropical. So when I go to the aquarium I like to see all the fish that I’ve seen on vacation so I can learn about them.



All in all, I think the aquarium is fantastic! I love all the sea creatures there especially because I live so close to the ocean I would always like to learn about the environment these fish live. I would recommend the aquarium from ages 1 to 101. I think you should in the holiday season because you can see all the holiday decorations. If you go to the aquarium, I promise your mind will be blown!



Ella is the OC Mom Blog tween blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.


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