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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Arroyo Trabuco Wilderness Trail

Arroyo Trabuco Wilderness Trail

Since I have the morning carpool and drive a suburban full of boys to Mission Viejo every morning, I have been exploring more of the trails and parks in the area after drop-off. After a late wake-up, and being worried about one kid being away a camp, I wanted to go for a walk where is was calm, peaceful, and surrounded by nature, so I explored the Arroyo Trabuco Wilderness Trail.

Entrance to Arroyo Creek Trail

Parking for Arroyo Creek Trail

It is one of my favorite trails to explore right after a rain. There is always trickling water that your kids get to jump into to cool down while on the hike. The trail is located right next to the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Course. There is a small parking lot that holds about 5-6 cars, and then there is overflow parking available at the golf course.

Arroyo Wilderness Park

Best Hike in Mission Viejo

The hike begins at the parking lot (don’t take the paved trail that leads to a neighborhood…but the dirt trail). At first, you’ll see some beautiful plants mixed with nature with a golf course view that will slowly become views of nature with rolling hills in the background.

Arroyo Creek Trail

Beautiful View from Arroyo Wilderness Park

While I was hiking this morning, I got to see many butterflies, a hummingbird, and tons of beautiful colorful birds. It was calming, peaceful, and beautiful. The creeks were dry because of the lack of rain that we have had, but it was still a beautiful hike.

OC Hiking Trails

Things to Know:
It is a hike in/hike out trail. It starts out pretty flat and then does have some elevation. I went about 1 1/2 miles in before turning around, and it was the perfect amount of time to see most of the trail. There are mountain lions and snakes in the area, so I recommend not letting your kids run ahead, and always hike with a group of people. With the hot weather, we have been having bring lots of water with you. This trail offers little shade, and it can get HOT. Go hiking early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the extreme heat.

Mission Viejo Hiking Trails

The tail can be located at 26772 Avery Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.

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