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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Family-friendly Adventures in Ojai

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Ojai, Travel | 0 comments

While the city of Ojai may cater to an adult clientele, there are still a number of ways for families to connect and enjoy their time together. From food to shopping to local culture, kids and kids-at-heart will find amusement in their getaway. If you’re in town on a Sunday, explore the weekly Farmer’s Market. Food samples, local crafts and fresh air makes for an easygoing afternoon. The local toy store contains distractions and entertaining ways to pass the time. And stroll down the Arcade (no video games here!) to treat yourself at the ice cream or frozen yogurt shops. Prefer to be more mobile? Hop on and off the Ojai Trolley Service. Departing from Ojai Avenue and the Arcade and commuting as far as Whispering Oaks, it runs from 5:36 a.m. to 8:56 p.m. during the week, with...

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Dining at The Oaks in Ojai

Posted by on Apr 4, 2017 in Ojai, Travel | 0 comments

We dined as a guest of the venue When you’re traveling, there are typically three major expenses towards the top of your list: transportation, accommodations and meals. Once those are covered, your remaining budget is bonus. What if we told you one destination combines two of those expenses? Over in Ojai, The Oaks not only includes your room, but makes a point of feeding diners healthy cuisine. Guests are always welcome to eat elsewhere, but having prepared lunches and dinners onsite takes the guesswork out of locating a restaurant. If you plan to head out on an excursion, the kitchen can pack your meal to-go. Special nutritional needs and alternative options are also available. Make the most of your stay by taking advantage of this amenity. Weekly menus are posted in The Oaks lobby. While evening meals are typically...

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Girls’ Getaway in Ojai

Posted by on Apr 3, 2017 in Ojai, Road Trips, Travel | 0 comments

Visited as a guest of the venue A girls’ getaway doesn’t necessarily mean boarding a plane or heading to Vegas. Traveling a few counties over can be just as reenergizing to your mind and body, if not more so. We recently traveled to The Oaks at Ojai for a few nights, hoping to spend some quality time with our partner-in-crime. We split our time between on-site and nearby activities. Our first day, we stopped by Hip Vegan for lunch al fresco. Fresh vegetables and grains were the perfect way to kickoff our getaway. After check-in, there was time to catch an afternoon Qigong class. Focusing on centering and balancing ourselves, it was what we needed to get into a relaxed mindset. We also got to talking with Eve, who was visiting for some “me time”. She just received a...

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Not Your Parents Bowling Alley: Tavern + Bowl in Costa Mesa

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in Activities, Dining, Events, Featured | 6 comments

This isn’t the kind of bowling alley I grew up going to. Newfangled monitors, cushioned seats and an elevated menu make this not-your-average place to score a turkey. Based in San Diego county, Tavern + Bowl’s first OC locale is easy to navigate to. Hop on the 55 south until it ends, and cruise into The Triangle. Valet is steps away from their main entrance, if you so choose. 

A 14,000 square foot facility, lanes are rented by the game during daytime hours, but hourly for the after work set. Velcro shoe rental sizes run large, so double check that pair before you head over to select a ball. Videos actually matching the music they’re blaring rock your game, and there’s always a monitor airing that sporting event you’re otherwise missing. If you recall the longtime Anaheim institution Mr....

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FLOE Lounge at the Irvine Marriott

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Dining, Featured, Staycation | 0 comments

As I walked through the sliding glass doors, the first thought that popped into my mind was, “THIS is a Marriott?!” It was so far removed from what I was accustomed to for a chain, I stared in disbelief. Their lobby area resembled living rooms only seen in catalogs, with oceanic hues and natural textures. A Jason Mraz-esque crooner performed on his electric guitar. And this was just the entrance. Our experience flowed through a bar and lounge area, informal dining room and outdoors. These flexible spaces offered options for guests seeking refuge from their everyday surroundings. One couple pushing a stroller was being seated, while a nearby trio celebrated girls’ night out. I spotted business travelers decompressing on the chic patio after surviving a day of meetings. It was an assortment of people-watching, although what stood out was...

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