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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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“The Taste”

Posted by on Nov 2, 2018 in Events | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of the venue Everyone always thinks LA has the best restaurants, but watch out City of Angels, Orange County is coming in hot! The Taste is an annual food festival honoring the unique cuisines of the world with a Southern California twist. Los Angeles Times hosts this delicious event each year, but this year marked a little something extra special…hosting it in OC’s, Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa has long time been the hub of the hottest and newest restaurant concepts with a unique flavor spin in all of Orange County. It’s draw is this city has always held a diverse cultural feel which organically brings in a plethora of plated options. The Taste truly highlighted these flavors both in an eatery way, but also in a libations way – I mean who doesn’t love...

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Take a ‘Holiday’

Posted by on Dec 11, 2017 in Christmas, Events, Holiday | 0 comments

Who doesn’t love live music?  Who doesn’t love a craft cocktail after a long work week?  And who doesn’t every once in a while just like to go out with the girls or have a date night with the hubby and cut loose?  Ummm, I know I sure do! Now I like to dance, but I don’t know most adults over 30 who enjoy a loud nightclub or pumping DJ mixes.  Of course to each their own, but when it comes to live music, I really just appreciate a great sounding local band that I can sing along with and get some of my moves out.  I preface “my moves” with needing a bit of liquid courage, but then again when you’ve got your girls by your side or your man on your arm, it’s really just about having...

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Ready to sweat? Here’s your FREE opportunity to!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in Family, Fitness, Health | 0 comments

We visited as a guest of the venue They had me at free cycle shoes. Never have I ever heard of a cycle studio offering complimentary cycle shoes (clean too!) along with stylish water bottles at every class. This is a true luxury, especially at no additional charge! CycleBar is modern, organized and well thought out. The atmosphere is bright and energizing with bold pops of red in design features. They offer one large cycle room with stadium seating and club-like lighting. Every cyclist knows the importance of good lighting because it not only compliments our physique in the mirror (makes us look a bit hotter while we sweat our buns off). It also keeps us motivated when a drill gets more intense, and that little voice inside of us is telling us to quit, something about those high-intensity...

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The REAL Look in Swimwear

Posted by on Dec 26, 2016 in Family, Fashion | 0 comments

I was invited to be a model as a guest of SwimSpot #1 Item women hate shopping for? Swimwear! This is a daunting, unnerving task, but an absolute must. We associate it with warm weather, vacations, family, friends and making memories. Typically, shopping for that perfect bikini or one piece though is a memory we’d rather not keep! Along with this oh so fun shopping task, is seeing your favorite bikini on the towering size 2 mannequin that of course has zero cellulite and perfect bone structure, ugh we despise her. SwimSpot has taken these common insecurities and transformed them into a completely new and innovative way of shopping. Their newly re-modeled Flagship location at Fashion Island displays large flatscreen tv’s installed on fixture endcaps throughout the store and at the entrance. They feature footage of REAL women of...

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Girls Night out at PUBlic 74

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016 in Dining, Family | 0 comments

Whiskey…no longer just for boys I’m not typically a whiskey drinker and I feel like most women would agree with me, but after sipping on PUBlic 74’s libations, this girl is singing a different tune. PUBLic 74 is hidden gem off Ortega Hwy in San Juan Capistrano, located directly above the restaurant Tannins. I’ve been to Tannins a few times and to be honest, was never quite impressed. Had I only known PUBlic 74 was above my head! Their vibe is relaxed, cool and has a 1920’s feel featuring brick, velvet pillows and incredible wood & iron fixturing. They specialize in high end comfort food with a “farm to table” feel and hand crafted cocktails, mixology at its finest. Gerry Kent, an award winning chef, showcases his incredible pallet for delicious fare. I enjoyed lighter bites such as homemade...

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Yoga Doesn’t Take Time, It Gives Time

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016 in Family, Fitness | 0 comments

I love coffee. I love yoga. I have a full time career. Now guess which one of those is the hardest to fit into my schedule? You guessed it, YOGA! But when I met Caffe Yoga’s founder and skilled yogi, Kimberly Tollman, she reminded me that yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. As a woman in today’s high paced society, it’s hard to always remember that, but at the end of the day, we must. Walking into their charming studio, I was impressed with their large one room space, but not overwhelmed with the typical excessive yogapant shop-in-shop or over eccentric receptionist. Their studio is warm, inviting and adorned with incredible custom art pieces from local artists. The main wall is backlit with a large colorful mandala overlay, which provided a peaceful background to my vinyasa flow. Their...

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Full Mind, Full Body, Full Psycle

Posted by on Mar 19, 2016 in Family, Fitness, Health | 0 comments

We attended a complimentary class Full Psycle was created by three unique individuals with different fitness backgrounds who came together to create a full body workout that would be the average spin class forever. The duration of the 60-minute class consists of multiple 2-3 minute long races, steep hill climbing, downhill sprints and strength training. Each class combines hand weights to build strength in arms, back and shoulders. Plus working your core with dips, push-ups and side bends while cycling simultaneously. Yes…I said push-ups while you’re cycling! Intense! I walked into a Costa Mesa office building, to a smaller than usual studio front and quickly realized this cycle studio was a place to work out! It wasn’t the traditional bright, trendy hang out or scene that I was used to with catching up with friends, but rather a race...

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Moms, Aunties, Sisters, Glam-mas…look no further, Hatched Baby has arrived!

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Family, Parenting, Shopping | 0 comments

As an auntie and big cousin to my family and friends kiddies, I’m always on the hunt for fashionable threads. Being in the fashion industry, the bar with my gift buying has been set high! I’ve noticed many selections for infant and toddler girls wear, but there’s been a lack of great boys wear. The demand is high and it’s nice to find a great source in our own backyard. When I discovered Hatched Baby, I was amazed by the multitude of cute looks, hip blogs and the overall conception of this unique brand. One Saturday morning at “The Land of Nod”, a South Coast Plaza boutique, I stepped into a pop up shop of magical teepees, soft fabrics with kitschy designs and to the bubbly and very pregnant Jen Turner, owner and founder of Hatched Baby. Jen was...

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My New Fav Word…Yogasmoga

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Family, Fashion, Fitness, Shopping | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of the venue There’s a new addition to the Fashion Island block, an innovative, philanthropic, athletic retailer, Yogasmoga. Himalayan natives, brother, Rishi and Sister, Tapasya, created a brand that combines their yoga roots with their high fashion aesthetic. Their designs are timeless, produced with the highest quality in technical fabrics and not just for practicing yoga, but for everyday life. Yogasmoga listens to their consumer and often takes suggestions from them into actual full production. With their designers and manufactures in Long Beach, California, their turnaround is fast. Not to be confused with fast fashion, Yogasmoga prides itself in handpicking, non-chemical treated fabrics and morphing them into classic silhouettes that flatter both men and women of all ages. They cater to sizes 0 to 14 and understand the difference with all body types. They...

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Find your Soul at Soul Cycle

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in Family, Fitness | 0 comments

We attended a complimentary class I came for the cycle and left with the soul! Soul Cycle, Newport Beach, is the ultimate in-door cycling work out. Not only are the instructors beautiful to look at, but they’re trained to push every muscle in your body and transform your mind to be inspired. I’ve taken cycle classes before at my local gym, but this experience was beyond my expectations. I found myself dripping sweat in a nightclub like atmosphere with the instructor driving me to pedal harder “left, right, left, right”, it was empowering me to keep going. I know it sounds silly, but somehow in those 45 minutes I had forgotten that I had been late to the office, forgotten that I didn’t de-thaw dinner and forgotten the struggle to even put my yoga pants on. I was cycling...

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Welcome to the Bari Party

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Events, Family, Featured, Fitness, Health | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of Bari NB Bari combines strength training, muscle toning and sensory cardio by using free weights, resistance bands, and of course your own personal hot pink trampoline.  I mean let’s be honest; I sold you at hot pink, right? Now I know, the word trampoline can sound scary…especially when you’re not 12 years old or have a career with Cirque de Soleil, but believe me when I say it’s going to be your new best friend! Splash in a few dance movements, positive reinforcement, and heavy calorie burning and you’ve got a fresh new workout. Located about a block from Fashion Island and the 73 Toll road (which is a convenient location wherever you’re coming from!),  Bari Newport Beach offers 5 unique classes daily, starting as early as 7:00am thru 6:30pm. So whether you’re...

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Surfing Lessons with Pro Surfer Nakoa Decoite

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Events | 0 comments

We attended as a guest After our LA Royal Salute night out, our British Polo Day events continued for this mother daughter duo. We were now on our way to iconic Venice Beach for a surf lesson with Pro Surfer Nakoa Decoite, let’s go beach babes! We met Nakoa at a rental shop on the boardwalk and he walked us through perfect board types and wetsuits for our levels and body types. Being a fan of his already, I knew he had surfed the infamous Jaws on Hawaii’s Northshore and was a highly respected professional polo player, but hearing him tell us about himself, Nakoa was very down to earth and personable. He was engaging and eager to learn about us as well, even for being 9am in the morning after our late night out! As we made our...

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Celebrating British Polo Day in Los Angeles

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Events | 0 comments

We attended as a guest We recently attended a series of events for British Polo Day here in Los Angeles and it was wonderful! Now keep in mind that we being natives of California and having never attended a polo event before and yes, were completely swept off our feet. Rubbing elbows with a few members of royalty, sipping whiskey from Royal Salute and seeing fundraising at it’s finest. Doesn’t everyone get to do that on a weekday evening? British Polo Days is an event that happens yearly; with a series of locations throughout the world. A few places these events are happening this year are Great Britain, China, Singapore, Marrakesh and most recently Los Angeles. The inaugural British Polo Day USA event was held in 2014 in Los Angeles and returned again this year. While honoring traditions, showcasing...

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Swim Spot, the ONLY spot you’ll want to keep (Giveaway)

Posted by on Feb 13, 2015 in Family, Fashion, Featured, Giveaways, Shopping | 23 comments

Sample was received Irvine Spectrum’s newest pop up shop, “Swim Spot” opened their doors last week to fill the OC ocean air with endless amounts of women’s swimwear in flattering silhouettes and top brands. “Next” is their unique athletic line that combines dri-fit technology for burning calories while paddle boarding, running after the kids in the sand or even a quick morning spin class. Offering great coverage and built in support with comfortable halters, “Next” exudes a sporty sexiness for an on the go mom. Looking for a more sophisticated look? “Athena” embodies classic lines, draping that smoothes away any unwanted curves, and full coverage bottoms for us ladies that want to conceal a bit more. This season’s styles feature bold blues and sassy snakeskin prints. Slip into the best-selling “Finesse Molded Cup One Piece” and channel your inner...

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