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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Inspirational New Film: Where Hope Grows

Posted by on May 6, 2015 in Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

We attended a screening of the film Inspiration can often come from the least expected places. In the new heart-warming Christian film, Where Hope Grows, a former professional baseball player and single alcoholic father named Calvin is rejuvenated by the attitude and spirit of Produce, a young man with down syndrome who works in the produce section of his local grocery store. This Godspeed production has touched on many difficult elements in life and utilized the most unlikely hero type to spread the word of faith, hope and love. David DeSanctis, the actor who plays Produce, has down-syndrome in real life. He portrays the character in a way which makes you immediately drawn to him. Kristoffer Polaha who plays Calvin Campbell, does a wonderful job of portraying every aspect of a human. One moment you feel sorry for him,...

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The American Ballet Theatre World Premiere of The Sleeping Beauty

Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in Ballet, Entertainment, Featured, Theatre | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of the SCFTA Romantic, classic and timeless, American Ballet Theatre elegantly performed the World Premiere of The Sleeping Beauty for a packed audience at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. Princess Aurora and Prince Desire, danced by Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomes, delighted southern California ballet lovers as they shared the fantasy story of Sleeping Beauty with precision and grace. Misty Copeland also made an appearance as the Fleur de Farine Fairy during the Prologue. Her pirouettes were perfection and her poise was undeniable. ABT, known for their elaborate costumes, spared no expense in creating this production. The glistening, colorful, and intricately designed costumes were breathtaking and a character in their own right. Tchaikovsky’s music was performed beautifully by The Pacific Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ormsby Wilkins. The Sleeping Beauty, directed...

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Dancing & Music Spectacular: Opposing Forces at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 in Entertainment, Music, Theatre | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of the SCFTA When you reach the intersection of hip hop, modern and contemporary, you find the choreography of Amy O’ Neal. Opposing Forces, a performance exploring gender roles, is part of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts’ Off Center Festival. World class B-Boy dancers, Alfredo Vergara (aka “Free”), Brysen “Just Be” Angeles, “Fever One”, Michael O’Neal, Jr. and Mozes Lateef exuded athleticism and emotion. Always powerful, they knew when to push and when to hold back with each piece. The movement was strong and expressive, even when they were exploring the “soft” side of the hip-hop world. Ms. O’Neal’s choreography was a blend of styles, with each piece conveying a message about the masculine and feminine roles through the lens of hip hop. At times upbeat, and other times dark, the performance explored...

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Are You Ready for Monster Jam?

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Events, Featured | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of Feld Entertainment Massive tires, shock absorbers the size of a first grader, and exhilarating loud engines ignited a new passion in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for students in the Anaheim Achieves program at Maxwell Elementary School. The official Monster Jam truck roared onto the Anaheim campus and not one child was sleeping during this class. Students had received their own K’Nex Monster Jam truck builder sets in which they had built and shared with the Monster Jam pit crew. These future engineers had the opportunity to ask questions of the driver and pit crew. They discussed design, costs, weight and construction of the 10,000 pound truck with the driver and crew. The kids proudly showed their miniature replicas of the truck to the crew.After the question and answer...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is Great Family Fun

Posted by on Aug 8, 2014 in Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

We were invited as a guest of Paramount Studios. These crime fighting turtles kept us on the edge of our seat as they battled Shredder and his evil Foot Clan. Based on the original comic book by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman , these Ninjas have been updated for today’s generation while still maintaining the appeal and likeability of the original characters. April O’Neil, an ambitious reporter played by Megan Fox, and Vern Fenwick, a cameraman with a crush played by Will Arnett, join the Ninja Turtles as they attempt to save New York. The film shares the story of how the Turtles arrived in the sewers and came to be Ninjas. These teen Ninja Turtles, named after Renaissance artists, each have a unique personality. Leonardo is the oldest and most responsible of the brothers. He’s the calm Zen...

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Interview with the cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

We attended the interview as a guest of Paramount From the sewers of New York, a new generation of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” brings us an action-packed family-friendly summer blockbuster this weekend. Paramount Studies provided us with opportunity to learn more from the cast and filmmakers. Jonathan Liebesman, the director, considers the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” a parody on super hero films which he personally loves. He described what he enjoyed about the characters, “The personalities of the turtles, the fact that they were created as these absurd teenage mutant ninja turtles but were so relatable”. Jonathan didn’t want to make the Ninja Turtles too dark and credited Michael Bay, the producer, with the talent for balancing this within the film, “I think that this is where a guy like Bay is super helpful, because he reacts to things...

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Solo for Two at Segerstrom Center for the Arts

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in Ballet, Entertainment, Theatre | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of the Segerstrom Center Natalia Osipovio and Ivan Vasiliev stunned us Friday night in their beautiful contemporary ballet performance of three premier pieces in their new program, Solo for Two. Natalia was originally a gymnast and you can see her athleticism in her dance. She has unbelievable control of her body, performing isolations which do not even seem real. The athleticism does not compromise the gracefulness and she commands the stage at all times. Ivan Vasiliev makes every move seem effortless and his core strength is amazing to watch. The two danced together as principals with Boshoi Ballet, but left together to pursue artistic opportunities. Shockingly violent in the beginning, the first piece, Mercy, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, explores forgiveness and tenderness. Passo, the second piece choreographed by Ohad Naharilin, began with very...

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Megan Fox Dishes on Being a New Mom and Her Role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Entertainment, Featured, Film | 0 comments

We attended the interview as a guest of the studio Megan Fox is a woman known for her beauty; however, the Megan I met was a very real, loving Mom whose inner beauty stood out more than her outer beauty. When she spoke of her children, her face lit up and she expressed a strong desire to be home with them. She was soft-spoken and the type of person you could envision yourself taking a yoga class with. Her excitement about her new film, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was evident. Produced by Michael Bay and directed by Johanthan Liebesman, these familiar crime fighting turtles are sure to be a summer hit. Megan eagerly wanted to play the role of April O’Neil, an ambitious journalist. She was well aware it would be an undertaking to convince the studio to...

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Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and Jake Kasdan Dish on Sex Tape

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

Imagine your most intimate moments with your spouse shared with the world. How far would you go to get those private moments back? That’s exactly what Columbia Pictures explored in their latest movie, Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, opening this Friday, July 18. Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel and director Jake Kasdan are a winning combination in this romantic comedy about two married adults who love each other very much, but life and kids have gotten in the way of their “intimate“ life. They decide to spice things up one night by filming their three- hour private “escapades” which end up very public thanks to Jason’s accidental upload to the cloud. Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz), a mom blogger, end up on an outrageous adventure to try and regain the private video from the IPAD’s...

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Orange County’s Coastal Gem: Shaw’s Cove

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014 in Beaches, Featured, Laguna Beach | 0 comments

Sun-glistening waves amongst a setting of beautiful rugged cliffs and swaying palm trees remind you of the reason we live in Southern California. Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach is a California travel brochure brought to life. Our family loves this beach because it has something for everyone. The coastline creates a natural barrier to the large swells. The smaller waves help to lessen anxiety we may have felt at other beaches with our young children. We are able to relax and enjoy the fun, rather than anxiously anticipating the large sets coming in. This protection from the swells also lends it to be an environment perfect for diving and snorkeling, so don’t forget your snorkel gear. Scuba-diving instructors use the reef as their classroom and many lessons are taught here. Low-tide is a great time to explore the scenic...

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2014 Guide to 4th of July Events in Orange County

Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in 4th of July, Events, Featured | 0 comments

Orange County’s going patriotic so raise your flags and break out the red, white and blue. It’s time to celebrate our Nation’s independence at one of these grand Southern California 4th of July events. Old Glory Boat Parade- Newport Harbor/Balboa Island If you love the Newport Beach Christmas parade then this is where you should be. This annual event by the American Legion Yacht Club is known as “the most patriotic boat parade around”. It starts promptly at 1pm. Boats line up at Collins at 12:30. 110th Huntington Beach 4th of July Celebration If you are looking for a fantastic parade, family entertainment, food vendors and fireworks over the ocean, then this three day event is where you will want to be. The parade starts at 10:00 am and you will need to get there very early. You...

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Guide to the Best Tide Pools in Orange County

Posted by on May 29, 2014 in Beaches, Best of OC, Corona del Mar, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Summer | 5 comments

With so many beautiful, rocky shorelines in Orange County, tide pools are abundant. Our family loves spending summer days exploring these little ecosystems. The children are always fascinated by the spiny sea urchins, keyhole limpets, hermit crabs, small fish, mussels, sea stars, and colorful anemones. The diversity of life in these marine protected areas vary based on the amount of time they are covered by water. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you take a step further and realize there’s a whole new world to explore. This creates hours of fun for all ages. Safety tips: Be sure you are aware of the tides at all times. Try to go as the tides are going out rather than coming in. Even at low tide, waves can come in quickly. Feel free to ask lifeguards and docents about dangerous...

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