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How to Avoid (and Fix!) Heavy Makeup in Summer

It is embarrassing to leave your house on a summer day with a made-up face and have a melt-down look a couple of hours later. It can be challenging if your makeup ends on the shirt collar or neck. Humidity, oily skin, and constant swearing can make it melt. Here are six simple tips to prevent makeup from melting.

Lash extensions

The comfort and longevity of eyelash extensions during summer depend on their proper application, ensuring they stay in place even in the heat. You can apply natural-looking lash extensions at home in 20 minutes from Lilac St, lasting three days. They are made of fiber and hand-made individually to make you look stunning. Other products you can try are Mac, Ardell and Vavalash.

Summer days can be brutal and can mess up your lash extensions. Months of heat can make it hard to retain your eyelash extensions. Luckily Lilac St is always at the forefront of the industry for creating the best lashes and glues to keep you looking fabulous all day long. Ensure you stay indoors soon after application until the glue dries up and sets in.

BB cream

Summers are delightful until you experience a made-up face that keeps melting in the sweltering heat, and you do not want that. Skip the regular foundation this summer and instead use BB cream, which is lightweight. They are available in different shades and tones to suit your skin. BB cream will give your face a natural look.

BB in the BB cream stands for blemish balm or beauty balm, a cream that acts as a foundation, primer, sunscreen, and moisturizer. If skincare and the foundation had a baby, it would be a BB cream. The cream is a lighter substitute for full coverage makeup. People who like a matte finish rant and rave about this complexion product.

Gel eyeliner

Compared to other types of eyeliner, gel eyeliner is known to stay longer and are excellent for sweltering summers. Make sure you buy a waterproof gel liner to prevent your eyeliner from melting and make it last longer. A combination of gel and waterproof is the perfect eyeliner for summers without the usual dullness. 

Gel eyeliner not only delivers staying power during summer but also glides on smoothly, keeping your cat eyes clean and crisp as the mercury rises. They are budge-proof, waterproof, and sweat-proof that can withstand the oil and sweat on the face. They are perfect for creating a crisp and sharp wing for that winged liner look.

Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is not only super stunning when you wear it but also fantastic for summers due to its long-lasting and matte finishing formulas. Go for neutral and soft colors instead of bold and dark ones. The soft shades provide a more relaxed look to your face and are perfect in the summer heat.

Everything, including our hair, skin, and makeup, gets brighter and whiter during summer. Therefore, vivid pops of matte lipstick seem to be the perfect choice in the heat, with the hues and shades differing according to the face complexion. Bright colors reign supreme in summer because our wardrobe includes all colors.


Wearing blush on your face is great when you want to leverage and enhance your makeup look this summer. Blush can do the magic and transform your face when you feel like going on without much makeup. For summers, choose highly pigmented picks in light shades like pink, golden brown, burnt orange, and peach palettes.

Summer looks with your blush on cannot be complete without sunscreen. Ensure you are using the right blush to match the texture of the sunscreen. The perfect combination of blush and sunscreen protects your skin and covers it. The summer blush adds to the base, making it both functional and aesthetic.


During hot and sweaty days, the chances of your makeup melting and sweating increases, especially if you have stacked on different products on your face. So, go for a foundation with a lighter texture that cannot melt off in the heat and sweat. If possible, steer away from it in summer altogether. Instead, switch to similar alternatives.

There are foundation alternative face creams that you can use and blend with a sponge. It is crucial to go for long-wear alternatives since they are better at taking humidity and sweat. A primer can lock the makeup and make it last longer. So, apply a primer. Also, a setting spray can remain untouched by grease or sweat.

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