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Avoiding Cranky Kids On Long Car Journeys

Traveling with kids can be an ordeal – we all know that! When you’ve got little ones strapped into booster seats, and about 100 or more miles to go in front of you, you can be anticipating the question, ‘Are we there yet?’ at any point throughout your journey. And let’s face it, this is incredibly annoying, and just a pressure that you don’t need! 

And so, if your kids tend to get cranky when strapped into a car for 3 hours or longer, it’s time to take prevention strategies to heart! You don’t have to deal with constant crying and complaining from the backseat whenever you’re on a long journey, and the kids don’t have to be bored to tears either. 


Pack Car Friendly Activities

It can be hard to keep kids entertained on a car ride, simply because many activities aren’t actually made to be played in the back of a car. The kids can get motion sick, things like coloring books and crayons can be awkward to handle, and you don’t want them just staring at screens for the entire journey. 

But not to worry! If you can buy travel editions of popular board games, such as Ludo, Bingo, Battleship, and even Guess Who, your kids can play a wide variety of different games to keep them quiet as you get on with the journey. But if your kids aren’t a fan of any of those, don’t worry, as you’ve got plenty more board games to choose from as well. 

Make the Back Seat More Comfortable

If your kids are particularly sensitive, making the backseat a lot more comfortable when a long journey is ahead is the way to go. Maybe your child hates wearing their seatbelt? Get them a cushion to rest their head on that can strap onto the belt, and still observe good seat belt safety in the meantime. Maybe your child starts to get numb legs and feet? Get some heat pads they can apply when you don’t have time to stop and stretch your legs. And most of all, make sure there’s plenty of cushions and blankets back there! 

Stop for a Break

Kids need to take a break more often than adults do, and you should factor that into your journey time as well. So, for every hour you take, try to stop for at least 15 minutes to allow them to stretch their legs, and use the toilet if need be. Kids also need to waste a bit of their energy every now and then too, so letting them have a bit of a run around will certainly serve you well for the rest of the journey! 

If your kids tend to get cranky when there’s miles on the clock, take advice from the points above and make the journey a lot more fun and comfortable for them. It’ll make the ride smoother for you, and it might even make some good memories for them as well. 

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