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Avoiding The Harmful Side Of Beauty Products & Procedures

There is always the notion that beauty is set by societal standards. The origin of these standards is up for debate but it cannot be denied that somewhere along the line this turned out to be true. We often judge our own beauty based upon what we have seen in the world around us. If the most popular person or perhaps a person that is in the media all the time, looks a certain way, we put two and two together. They must be getting that adoration and attention because of how they are. We mimic how they look, talk and act. But it’s not who we are. Eventually, we will return to ourselves and look back with astonishment that we were so blinded by the harmful side of beauty products and procedures. Here are a few to avoid.


Fragrances with phthalates

We buy lots of perfumes and parfums which are supposed to make us smell good and thus feel good. But no perfume out in the world today is made from natural ingredients entirely. If they are, they won’t last long and hence, they cannot be priced higher than competitors. So brands tend to shove a load of chemicals in their products, one of which being phthalates. This is hidden under the ingredient literally called ‘fragrance’. That’s right, a fragrance within a fragrance. Doesn’t make sense does it?

Its because phthalates are known to be disruptive to our endocrine levels. These are levels used to facilitate puberty in girls and boys, and can cause men to have a lower sperm count. For women, this could result in a differing period schedule, irritation to your nether region and generally add to mood swings. Entities such as the EU have already or are looking to ban this chemical in all products as it even features in some soaps.

Breast enhancement

Many women have felt the need to go under the knife to create a more feminine bosom. You may have been born with the genetics of smaller breasts, or maybe you had breast cancer and had to have them removed. But, sometimes it isn’t the answer as many women that have had this kind of surgery soon run into difficulties post-op. This is why they turn to breast implant revision surgery where the work that has been done is corrected and proper shape, size and position of the breast is returned. You should always avoid going to some cheap surgeon who offers you all the miracles under the sun, but for half the price of any other leading service of a similar type. It usually spells trouble and many people who go to less economically developed countries to have their breast operation done, find that this is the case.


Petroleum based cosmetics 

Petroleum jelly is often used in many cosmetic products, because it locks moisture within the skin. This is something that people with dry skin might use or those who want a more glowing skin surface. However, petroleum jelly can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which is linked to cancer. This is why entities like the EU again, ban this ingredient unless the refining process has been fully shown to be compliant with laws and processes that would prevent this contamination from occurring. The more refinement done to a petroleum jelly, the less harmful it is going to be. This is why some products such as oilatum can be used by anyone pretty much regularly without any danger of contracting cancer. 

Carbon black

This ingredient is a pigment, often used in many eyeliners and mascara products. It too is linked with cancer and is highly irritable if breathed in. This is why the FDA has put a limit on the amount of carbon black which can be put into cosmetic products. It produces a specific kind of shade of black, which can be mixed with other pigments to create different colors. This is why some brands use it in their eyeliner. However, you should avoid carbon black products if you can and instead choose another product that uses an alternative. Keep carbon black away from your meibomian glands which are the glands at the outer edges of your eye membrane. 

Everyone wants to look great, and feel amazing. But at what cost? You should never abandon your health for the sake of looking or smelling good. Avoid these things we have mentioned and you should be able to thank yourself in the future. 

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