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Back Bay Bistro: Stress-Free Holiday Meals


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because it is the one holiday where I host all of our family and friends. This year was a little bit different for me because I had planned a major surgery to be the day before the holiday so that I would have my family home to help me with the recovery. Everyone in my family insisted that I cancel Thanksgiving, but after almost twenty years of hosting the holiday I looked for other options to make hosting easier, and that was when I learned about the Back Bay Bistro Thanksgiving to-go option.

With Back Bay Bistro being the premier place for families to dine out on Thanksgiving, I knew that the to-go meal would not disappoint and that my family would be able to enjoy a delicious meal while I was upstairs recovering in bed.

Ordering the meal was simple. With just one phone call, I had ordered all the food needed to feed on our entire family on Thanksgiving. All we had to do was pick-up the meal the morning of Thanksgiving.

While preparing for the holiday, it was the most less-stressful Thanksgiving I had ever had. Normally, I am spending hours researching recipes and fighting crowds in the grocery store, but this year, I was able to relax and rest the days leading up to the holiday.

Unexpectedly, my physician called me with the need to reschedule my surgery. It was a blessing in disguise because I was able to enjoy my first Thanksgiving holiday with my family without having to do any work. I was able to focus on creating lifelong memories with my children vs. spending all my time in the kitchen cooking and serving our guests. It ended up being my favorite Thanksgiving holiday ever, thanks to the help of Back Bay Bistro.

If you have an upcoming holiday event that you find yourself needing to prepare food for guests, instead of taking on that added stress, contact Back Bay Bistro to help with catering your upcoming event. The food will be delicious, and you’ll be able to focus on what is important – spending time with family and friends.

Back Bay Bistro is located at 1131 Back Bay Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Reservations are available by calling (949) 729-1144.

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