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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Back Bay Science Center in Newport Beach

Back Bay Science Center in Newport Beach

Every time we go bike riding around Back Bay, I am reminded of how much I have wanted to take the kids to the Back Bay Science Center in Newport Beach. The science center is only open on select days because it is a facility that is used to do research in the waters surrounding our community. I had planned to visit the science center this morning, and then when it started to rain, I didn’t let it stop us, so we drove over for some education and fun.

animal bones

Back Bay Science Center

excited to learn at the back bay science center

Looking into microscope

staff educating children at back bay science center

The cold weather kept everyone away which meant that our kids had the entire staff of scientist and volunteers there to give them an incredibly enriching morning. The staff gave them a personal tour of the facility and talked to them about all the different animals, organisms and more. They were fueling a love for learning with our children in the enriching environment.

touching sharks

touching fish

tiger sharks

tiger shark

shark tank

shark touching

sharks at the back bay science center

petting sharks

outdoor shark tank

learning about sharks

looking at the sharks

kids touching shark at back bay science center

feeding sharks

Then we were in for the exciting part! We walked outside (even though it was freezing and raining) and got to feed the sharks with the staff. Our kids were invited to put a piece of food on the feeding contraption, and then the staff carefully put it into the water for the sharks to eat. While the sharks were eating, our kids got to touch them, and they even seemed to want a belly rub – the calmest sharks I have ever seen.

touching animals in the tidepool tank

tide pools in newport beach

tide pool tank

Next there was the touching tank. The tank was long and filled with different animals from our local tide pools. It was a bit windy in the reservoir, but it didn’t seem to bother our kids.

trail in back bay newport beach

staff educating children at back bay science center

shark preserved in a jar


learning about the waters in Orange County

If it was not a cold and rainy day, the staff advised us that families will go walking along the path that surrounds the center to go bird watching (they even provide the binoculars). When you’re done, there is the Back Bay Bistro next door to go for lunch. The center is only open to the public on Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Watch our weekend events listing to see more fun events like this.

Cost: FREE
Open: Sundays 10am to 2pm
Location: 600 Shellmaker Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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