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Back-to-School Shopping Rewards at Plaza West Covina (Giveaway)


Entrance to the West Covina Mall

Back-to-school shopping can quickly put a strain on most family budgets. More and more families are flocking to outlet centers, discount stores, and places where they can earn rewards when doing their back-to-school shopping this year. Plaza West Covina recently introduced a new “Oh, So Simple Rewards” program, so we went shopping at the mall this year to check it out.

back-to-school shopping in West Covina

Best kids fashion at Plaza West Covina

Crazy 8 at West Covina Mall

The mall in readily available off the 10 freeway, and has one of the largest variety of stores I have seen in a local mall. From major department stores to boutique style stores, Plaza West Covina is a one stop shop for the back-to-school season.

Ella shopping at Plaza West Covina

Fashion options at Plaza West Covina

Inside H&M at Plaza West Covina

While I was shopping with my kids at the mall, I was able to score jeans for just $10 a pair at Crazy 8, basic t-shirts for my teen at H&M, and the latest Converse shoe styles at Journeys Kids. The best part is that I earned cash back for my purchases with their “Oh, So Simple Rewards” program.

Kids clothes at West Covina Mall

Kids Play area at West Covina Mall

Registering for the rewards at West Covina Mall

The rewards program is easy to sign-up. There are kiosks located throughout the mall where families can register. Just swipe your qualified debit/credit card, shop, and earn rewards. Every time that you purchase $250 in items (or dining) at the mall, you’ll earn $10. If you’re planning a large purchase at Best Buy or a lot of clothes for your kids, you’ll earn a lot of cash back rewards.

Shoes at West Covina Mall

Shopping at the West Covina Mall

Star Wars Backpack at Plaza West Covina

When looking for a place that has stores with great deals, and the option of a rewards program, Plaza West Covina is the place to go. They are located at 112 Plaza Dr, West Covina, CA 91790.

Win an H&M gift card from Plaza West Covina

West Covina Mall Rewards

Vans Shoes at Plaza West Covina

Tilly's at Plaza West Covina

GIVEAWAY!! In celebration of the back-to-school season, we are thrilled to be offering a $50 gift card to H&M. Simply enter to win in the form below.

$50 H&M Back-to-School Giveaway

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  1. Jeans for my boys because H&M denim lasts long and looks good!

  2. Definitely jeans and leggings for my daughter

  3. Jeans and tops for my kids.

  4. Oh my goodness! So many cute outfit options! I love shopping at H&M for my daughter!

  5. Would live some tees and jeans and socks for my son.

  6. I would buy as much clothes as I could with this I’ve got two kids but anything helps.

  7. New clothes for my daughter whoo hoo! We love shopping!

  8. I would buy jeans and shirts for my kids.

  9. Wow! Such an awesome giveaway! My daughters love the $5 dresses from H&M and so much more. If I win I’ll take my 6yo back to school shopping. I’ll also let me 2.5yo get some things too. So excited!

  10. Clothes for my kids.

  11. I would buy H&M’s cool print shirts and jeans for my kid! Thanks for the opportunity to win this OCMomBlog!

  12. Some cute new clothes for my boys

  13. Leggings and play shirts!

  14. If I win, my son would definitely get a winter jacket and jeans for school. I’m done with back to school shopping but my bean sprout grows so fast at times that I need to buy clothes on the fly, and sometimes it occurs when I don’t have the money at hand. This would help.

  15. Jeans.

  16. I would buy a new outfit for work if I won!

  17. I would definitely buy clothes to wear for college. I love H&M and so this giveaway would help with the costs

  18. I need new pants baaaaaadly!! Those would be at the top of my list!

  19. I would buy a couple new tops if I won.

  20. I am getting basic Tshirts from Men’s department.

  21. Shoes for my kids!

  22. New clothes for my daughter!

  23. Jeans for sure!!

  24. Would love to get my little girl the Super Girl Slip-on Shoes!

  25. I would get the black Off-The-Shoulder Dress

  26. I will be getting jeans, shirts, and a dress for my daughter!

  27. Pants. I think I gained some weight over the summer. Ahhhh,!!

  28. I will buy school clothes for my two boys!!

  29. I would give this to my husband who absolutely loves H&M. He would probably buy some shoes!

  30. I would give this to my husband who absolutely loves H&M. He would probably buy some shoes!

  31. I would buy jeans for my kids

  32. I would get a nice pair of jeans

  33. some tops and dresses

  34. I would buy my son some clothes.

  35. I would love to get some new jeans and some new warm weather clothes for my daughter!

  36. I’d buy a pair of jeans.

  37. Oh I would love to go and buy some back to school clothes and shoes for our little one!

  38. I would buy shirts at H&M.

  39. I think we would get some tank tops and flannel shirts.

  40. I would buy shoes

  41. I would buy dresses.

  42. I would buy my daughter a outfit.

  43. If I won I’d buy a new pair of jeans!

  44. I would buy some t-shirts and jeans.

  45. I would buy shorts and tees for my sons!

  46. I’l buy some tank tops for my daughter.

  47. I would buy new clothes for college

  48. I would buy my daughter some shoes.

  49. I would love to buy a new summer dress!

  50. New jeans and dresses!

  51. Would buy some tees and jeans

  52. I would buy some fall sweaters.

  53. I will buy jeans & sweaters.

  54. I left a tweet 8/20 but I’m not sure it was the right one. Here it is:

  55. I would buy my granddaughter school clothes, likely a pair of pants and a top.

  56. i will buy a new dress.

  57. Clothes for my daughter for BTS!!!

  58. I would get a new purse for my bff

  59. If I win, I’ll buy myself a new blazer for fall!

  60. If I won, I would buy whatever my daughter would like with the gift card.

  61. I would get some cute skirts for work.

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