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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Back-to-School Shopping in Style



It is hard to believe that summer is almost over, and soon the kids will be heading back-to-school. With my oldest son starting junior high, we have started our back-to-school shopping early to help get him all the cool new looks for his first day of junior high.




We made our first stop for #Backtoschool shopping at Sears. With Sears having over 2000 denim styles in their store, they were our first choice for getting the kids their jeans to start school. While in the store, everywhere we turned was another rack of jeans. I didn’t have to worry about searching for the kids sizes since there was more than enough styles and sizes.



The kids tried on all different styles of jeans before finding their favorite #ThisisStyle. While shopping, we talked to the kids about how some kids would not have new clothes for their first day of school. This touched the kids hearts, and they decided to purchase some back-to-school supplies, to donate to a child at The Orange County Rescue Mision.


It meant so much to Ella bringing an adorable backpack and t-shirt to The Orange County Rescue Mission. Now, one little girl that lives at the mission will get to start school with a new backpack and outfit.




Sears not only had a large selection of jeans and clothes, but also has some of the most popular styles of backpacks. Picking out a backpack for the first day of school is a big deal to the kids. They spent hours trying on all the different backpack styles before settling on their searsStyle top choices.




When the kids got home from shopping, they tried on their new back-to-school clothes. They started to load up their backpacks with school supplies to anticipation of their first day of school.




I was able to get all the kids their backpacks, jeans and even things to donate to the mission for under $100, plus got extra savings with my Shop Your Way rewards points. Sears has name brand back-to-school supplies are great prices for growing families. Learn more about searsStyle on Twitter or Facebook.

The good news is that it is still summer! Check out this digital Summer Live SoFab Magazine.

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