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Banana and Cacao Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Breakfast does not have to be complicated to be healthy. Plus, it does not have to come out of a box. I love keeping it simple during breakfast time. First, I am not a morning person. Second, there is always so much happening in the household while getting everyone started with their day.

Banana and Cacao Breakfast Recipe

After recently attending a Civana Resort wellness retreat, I learned how fun and delicious breakfast bowls can be. The chef at the resort made me a yummy bowl every morning, making it my favorite new morning routine.

Breakfast at Civana Resort

This morning, I got a little creative with our favorite snack from Melissa’s Produce, Clean Snax, and made the kids banana and cacoa breakfast bowls (with chia and flaxseed).

The result – delicious! It only took a few minutes to make, and it a healthy start to their day.


Melissa’s Produce Banana and Cacao Clean Snax
Your kids favorite fruits
1 cup of yogurt


1. Put some of the Clean Snax into a ziploc bag. Give the kids a wooden spoon and let them smash the Clean Snax inside of the ziploc bag. This is so fun for kids to do, and can help release any frustration or aggressions they might have in a healthy and fun way.

How to Make Granola

2. Cut up the fruit into small pieces.

Healthy and Simple Breakfast Recipe

3. Combine the fruit, yogurt and Clean Snax into one of your favorite bowls. We used one of our new dishes from Tuxton Home (the artisan bowl in Geode Azure Teal).

4. Enjoy!

We have a partnership with Melissa’s Produce, Civana Resort and Tuxton Home

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