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The Bare Necessities of Cooking (Giveaway)

Giveaway sponsored by Disney

Photo courtesy of fotolia © gyso4ka

Photo courtesy of fotolia © gyso4ka

“I’m tired of monkeying around” and ready to start having fun in the kitchen!

That is exactly how I felt after my older son developed severe food allergies at the age of 2. I had to ditch the boxes of macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and frozen pizza, and start cooking fresh healthy meals for my family. Although I am far from a professional cook, I have discovered a passion for cooking that is only successful due to my #1 kitchen “bare necessity” – my kids!

Jungle Book DE_Film Still2

Photo courtesy of Disney

Mowgli:”You eat ants?”
Baloo: “You better believe it, and you’re going to love the way they tickle.”

Jungle Book DE_Film Still4

Photo courtesy of Disney

While Baloo showed Mowgli the Bare Necessities for life in the jungle, you can explore your own wild side in the kitchen along with your children. I’ve been cooking with my kids since they were just toddlers, and my daughter was able to cook her first meal on her own for the family by the age of 8. By cooking with my kids, I have educated them on the importance of healthy eating habits, and given them my “bare necessities” of how to care for themselves as they grow into young adults.

How do you show your kids the bare necessities of cooking? It’s easy!

  • I started by purchasing bar stools for the kids to sit on while I was cooking. It would put them at the height of the counter to help see what was happening in the kitchen.
  • When they were just toddlers, I would have them help with measuring or just run the timer.
  • As they grew, so did my comfort level of letting them do more when helping to prepare our family meals.
  • Once I felt they were ready, I bought my daughter her first cookbook, took her to buy everything she needed to make her dinner, and then I sat in the barstool watching her cook our family her first meal – meatloaf.

Where to start? We are giving one family my “bare necessities” of the kitchen to get started. These are all the items that I cannot live without, and use on a weekly basis. This will give one family the tools they need to start having fun cooking together.


Dutch Oven – I use my dutch oven almost every night for dinner. I make casseroles, pasta dishes, soups, and more. I have since upgraded to a high-end dutch oven after starting with this brand. You’ll find it to be your ultimate kitchen gadget!


Slow Cooker- For those nights when I know that we are going to be stuck on the baseball field until 7pm, I always look to my slow cooker to save the day. I can often prepare dinner the night before, toss everything into the cooker, and dinner will be waiting for us when we get home at night.


Cookware- While it’s obvious that cookware is a kitchen necessity, I have found that you don’t always need a “fancy” cookware set to start cooking. It has been 16 years of marriage, and I am still using the generic cookware that I purchased from Big Lots all those years ago.


Baking Dish- I use my baking dish on a weekly basis to make casseroles or lasagna. It can be used to roast a whole chicken or vegetables.

Mixing bowls included in the giveaway

Mixing bowls included in the giveaway

Mixing Bowls- I always purchased bright and colorful mixing bowls for my kitchen. Mixing ingredients in fun colorful mixing bowls is a great way to have your kids get excited about cooking.


Pizza Pan- We have pizza at least once a week, and this pizza pan is my favorite brand. The pizza stones are hard to clean, and this can easily be tossed into the dishwasher. Pizza is a great way to sneak vegetables into your kids diet under a bed of melted cheese.


Win it! We are giving away all of these items above to one OC Mom Blog reader (mixing bowls may vary from image). Two runner-up winners will each receive a copy of The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition! Enter to win in the form below (Giveaway open to US & Canada only):

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Don’t forget to get your copy of The Jungle Book: Diamond Edition that is being released out of the Disney vault today! Relive all your favorite moments from the classic film with your children after cooking dinner together as a family.

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  1. I cook with my 3 year old son every night!
    He loves cooking and it is awesome to hear him say “I do it mommy”.
    He loves stirring and mixing. My grandma even made him his own apron and he stands back with his pot holders when I deal with the oven.
    We name off the ingredients of what we used. He even knows the ingredients for Brownies by heart!

  2. My Tip To Involve The Kids In Selecting Foods To Cook While Grocery Shopping, Go Home Search For A Recipe To Create Together Using What Was Purchased, Allow The Kids To Wash, Mix, Stir. And Best Of All Have Fun And Create Memories!

  3. just have fun and be safe

  4. I notice that if we are cooking something the kids are excited about eating(pizza, desserts), then they will be excited to make it. They aren’t going to be a ton of fun if you are asking them to help you make pea salad.

  5. Ohhh wow…i really need this!!#! My cooking pots n pans r soo old!!! 🙁 and ijust heard its not good for ur health to cook in old pans!!! :((

  6. Love this movie since I was a kid…now my kiddos love this movie!! We also do pizza once a week…Love cooking fresh and healthy this would be a great addition to our kitchen!!

  7. My tip is be laid back and just enjoy.

  8. Love this ! Just got my daughter a kids cook book to start growing that interest she has ! Thank you for this opportunity !

  9. My best tip is try to do some preparation beforehand because if I do not then I tend to become flustered.

  10. Tip – Always be patient and start with something that is not goign to get you frustrated as the teacher lol

  11. Have patience & have fun enjoying the moment with your little ones!

  12. Start with easy recipes, engage kids to the process of preparation such as arrange cooking ingredients/supply. And be safe!

  13. Lots of hand washing before and after!

  14. My tip is to not let the mess or mistakes get in the way of creativity and fun! Enjoy the experience with your kids and let them take ownership and be proud of their creations!!

  15. My best tip is don’t be afraid to let them make a bit of a mess. That’s half the fun for kids. Just be sure to teach them how to clean it up 🙂

  16. My tip is to let them do as much or as little as they want.

  17. Just have fun!

  18. My tip would be to teach as you go along.

  19. Follow their lead and they LOVE to measure & pour!

  20. Get them involved as much as possible. The more involved they are in the process, the more likely they will actually eat what they made…including vegetables.

  21. Let them mix everything!

  22. Expect a mess!

  23. Have fun and expect things not to be oerfect.

  24. I would say to enjoy this precious time and don’t worry about the mess.

  25. My tip is just take your time!

  26. If your baking to cover the surface with newspaper for easy clean up

  27. I suggest starting when they are toddlers. Have them help stir or assist pouring liquids. Continue to include them, as they get older, with age and skill appropriate things to do.

  28. Be patient and have fun!

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