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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Baseball, Star Wars, Comedy & Mistresses…

What does Baseball, Star Wars, Comedy, and Mistresses all have in common? The OC Mom Blog! We are gearing up for an exciting four-day adventure next week in Los Angeles where we will bring you lots of fun information about Star Wars, ABC, and Disney.


We will start the adventure on Sunday Night (Star Wars Day #StarWarsDay) where will be given a sneak peek into the upcoming Disney Channel series, Star Wars Rebels. We will also have a chance to meet Vanessa Marshall (the voice of “Hera” in Star Wars Rebels) so stay tuned for our interview with her in the weeks following our trip.

Monday is all about ABC, home to my favorite television shows (Revenge and Scandal). We will take you on a behind the scenes look into the hottest ABC shows. Our day will end with some big laughs as we watch a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! with guest stars Julia Roberts and Sally Fields. If you watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! Keep an eye out for us in the audience on Monday night!!

We will be putting on our favorite baseball gear and heading to the red carpet world premiere of the upcoming film“Million Dollar Arm.” We will be sharing interviews from the cast and photos from the red carpet in the upcoming weeks. If you are a fan of Jon Hamm (who isn’t) then you are in for a treat here on the blog.

Our fun will end on Wednesday with more ABC fun as we get behind the scenes look into the steamy nighttime drama, Mistresses.

You don’t have to wait to hear all about our fun in LA on the blog, we will be tweeting live throughout the entire trip under the hashtags #MillionDollarArmEvent, #ABCTVEvent and #StarWarsRebelsEvent.

May the force bring you to Twitter to follow along with the fun.

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