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BASI Pilates Learn from the Leaders Conference June 8-9 (Giveaway)

basi pilatesBASI Pilates, a leading teacher training and professional education academy, has announced that an all-star Learn From the Leaders conference will be the kick-off event for its 25th anniversary celebrations. The conference will be held June 8 and 9, at the Newport Beach Hyatt Regency Hotel in Newport Beach.

The workshops presented at the two-day Pilates extravaganza will include Form and Function, Pilates in 3D, Pilates for Seniors, Lolita Shares her Pilates Barrels and Arcs, Pilates Programming and Exercise Selection, Pilates Footwork, Low Back Pain and Pilates, Osteoporosis and Kyphosis and Mastering Control in Pilates.

The conference is open to all Pilates professionals and has an incredible lineup of experts attending. People interested in participating can learn more about the conference or register at the BASI Pilates website.

Expert Lineup:

  • Rael Isacowitz-BASI Pilates founder and one of the most recognized veteran teachers of the method.
  • Lolita San Miguel- One of the two living teachers certified by Joseph Pilates himself. 
  • Alan Herdman- coined as the founding father of Pilates in the United Kingdom.
  • Karen Clippinger- Professor at California State Long Beach and a renowned international presenter.
  • Brett Howard- Director of Education of the United States Pilates Association and a Senior Teacher of the New York Pilates Studio.

basi pilates 2

We had the opportunity to interview BASI Pilates founder Rael Isacowitz.   Rael is also sponsoring a giveaway for a complimentary Mat class with Rael Isacowitz himself to enjoy at the brand new global headquarters location in Costa Mesa!  Read what Rael had to say in this interview and be sure to enter the giveaway that comes after…

When did your passion for Pilates begin and what prompted it?

My interest in Pilates began in 1978, as I explored forms of Eastern and Western movement disciplines including: yoga, dance and Tai Chi. My passion for Pilates began in the mid-80s when I was dancing professionally in London, it was during that time that Pilates took on a greater part of my life.

You have trained with several individuals that were certified by Joseph Pilates. What three things did you learn from them that impact your teaching today?

1.       To always remain a student – meaning you always must have a thirst for learning no matter how seasoned you become.  

2.       Commitment is key.

3.       Pilates should be a way of life not just exercise routine.

Tell us about your new studio opening in Costa Mesa. 

The new space is a culmination of a dream – a perfect blend between a  gorgeous studio and an exquisite training academy. This studio is BASI’s world headquarters. I wanted to create a space that was tranquil, inviting, positive in energy and could accommodate all levels of study. I’ve traveled all over the world for 30 years and have never stepped into something better – from the equipment and Mat space to the lighting and sound, the entirety of the ambiance is conducive for an in depth study of Pilates.

Designing a studio is a big project; what were the most important things that you knew the studio had to have?

This is a very true statement. First and foremost, the studio had to have enough space and be accessible to a lot of people. From there lighting, particularly natural light, and a visually esthetic location that looked over scenery was key. I strived to create an environment that from the moment you parked your vehicle and made your way towards the space you had already entered a Pilates state of mind. 

What skill level do people need to be performing in order to enjoy classes at your studio?

 Absolutely any skill level – Pilates  can be enjoyed and the benefits reaped at all skill levels, from novice to master.  

We hear that BASI Pilates has a conference coming up right here in Newport Beach…tell us a bit about it.

The Learn From the Leaders conference is preceded by a BASI summit where close to 100 BASI faculty and administrators come together for two days of creativity and brainstorming. The summit is followed by the Learn From the Leaders conference which is a celebration of BASI Pilates 25th year of contribution to the community. This event will attract Pilates enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe and has a lineup of very sought after presenters including: Alan Herdman, Karen Clippinger, Brett Howard and Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel, a former student of Joseph Pilates and one of only two living people certified by him to teach.

I hope guests will go away with a great deal of new information, knowledge and insight. These takeaways do not necessarily come solely from exercise and repetition, they come from the wealth of knowledge and experience the presenters will be providing. We aimed to bring together vastly different presenters with versatile experiences in the Pilates world. I also hope attendees grasp the spirit of the event, which is a celebration of Pilates. We should not allow our community to be splintered by politics, egos or different approaches, but rather embrace different approaches as they are what make our industry exciting.

BASI is throwing the party but all are welcome!  

To enter to win the giveaway for a complimentary Mat class with Rael Isacowitz himself to enjoy at the brand new global headquarters location in Costa Mesa:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Basi Pilates for sponsoring this giveaway and good luck to everyone! 

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  1. Currently a student of the program and on my way to becoming an instructor. What a journey this has been!

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