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Basketball Smiles at The Los Angeles Clippers

There is nothing that brings a smile to my sons face more than going to a ball game. When he got the news that he was going to a Los Angeles Clippers game with his Grandpa, he was squealing with delight. He ran upstairs to get his favorite Clippers hat on, started lacing up his high-top shoes, and waited for his Grandpa to come pick him up for the big game.


My son and his Grandpa were smiling from ear to ear as they walked hand in hand into the Staples Center to see the Los Angeles Clippers game. The laughed, they cheered and they celebrated spending quality time together at the game.


Getting to spend time with his Grandpa was special, and getting to spend it with him at a basketball game was unforgettable. Grandfathers have a strong influence on the development of their Grandchildren. They have a special bond that is unmatched. Spending positive time together like they did at the basketball game helps my son to develop into a man through the nurturing and meaningful relationship he shares with his Grandfather.


When he came home from the basketball game, he walked in the door with a sparkle in his smile. He talked with us for hours about every part of the basketball game, how his Grandpa spilled his slurpee all over his shirt, and how they laughed and laughed about it together.


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