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Battling Back-to-School Germs with Hand Sanitizers



I think that I am the only person on Earth who has never used a hand sanitizing product before. I have always been wary of using any chemical-based products on my children’s skin.

Why now?

Let’s be honest. It is always the last week before a holiday or summer vacation that every parent seems sends their kids to school (sick or not). Most parents don’t want their kids to miss that special holiday party or to say good-bye to their teacher, and can often overlook the fact that their child’s runny nose is a sign they should miss it.

kindergarten (1)

My kids are almost never sick. They eat a very healthy diet, get plenty of rest, and we have an eco-friendly living environment. My youngest son was Neutropenic for most of his life, and I have always used natural ways to protect his fragile immune system…until this year.


A couple of days into Summer, my youngest came down with a nasty cold. The incubation period lined up perfectly with the timeline of him being exposed to a terrible virus during the last week of school. With him being Neutropenic, the virus impacted his health worse than the child that spread it to him.


Then, with a lack of sleep, I caught the virus. I spent the first month of summer battling a cough, and while not wanting to miss creating special summer memories with my children, I found myself in the hospital with pneumonia.


For the first time, we are going back-to-school with Purell hand sanitizers in my kids lunch boxes. I am going to do a 30-day challenge to see if it makes a difference in protecting my children from those nasty back-to-school germs or not? What are you waiting for? Join me in doing a 30-day challenge by signing up at


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