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Beach Dining Options with Maro Wood Grill


It is Labor Day weekend, and time to visit our local beaches. Woods Cove has become one of our favorite beaches this summer because of the great features, crystal clear water and the convenient dining options from Maro Wood Grill. Let’s be honest, the only downside to planning a beach day with the family is having to pack a giant cooler filled with food feed the family for the day. Not only do we have to pack all the food, but the lug the heavy cooler down to the beach.


Maro Wood Grill has simplified the beach experience for families by offering their beach dining options. When my family visited the beach a couple of weeks ago, we ordered a gourmet lunch from Maro Wood Grill on our way to the beach. When the kids started to get hungry, my husband took a short walk up the hill to pick-up a fully stocked cooler with our lunch for the day.


Families can order pizzas, burgers or anything on the menu to bring down to the beach, but we choose to bring down a “snack” type lunch. The cooler was packed with our favorite bottled water, baguette, cheeses, dried fruit and vegetables. It was the healthiest way to fuel my family for a day on the beach at Woods Cove.


The farm-to-table gourmet bag includes specialty made-from-scratch items from Chef Debra Sims. Our favorite handmade snack was the pickled asparagus that came in a keepsake mason jar.


The gourmet dining bag is not only the perfect lunch for your family to enjoy on the beaches of Woods Cove, but is also great for a picnic date night.


Maro Wood Grill is located at 1915 South Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.

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