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A Beautiful New You in 2014 at Skin Laundry


I love makeup, skincare products, and caring for my skin. While I apply sunscreen daily, drink plenty of water, my genetics did not leave me with the best skin. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I try – I will never have smooth beautiful skin – but I refuse to give-up.


I have tried pretty much everything from a full laser “face lift” to putting caviar on my skin. I am determined to get the skin I have always wanted in 2014, and started recently at the new Skin Laundry at Fashion Island. After having the major laser procedure in the past that was terribly painful, I was extremely fearful of going to Skin Laundry.

I brought my daughter, Ella, with me to “hold my hand” but what I learned was that I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand through the procedure. The staff at Skin Laundry sat me down on a comfortable bench, brought me a glass of water and went over every step of the procedure. They immediately eased all of my fears within just minutes of walking in the door.


I was then escorted back to a private room where the produce would begin. They were very careful with the laser, and explained everything that I was going to expect throughout the entire process. There were no surprises, and no discomfort. Within just a few minutes, I was done with my treatment and ready to start my day.


What I love about Skin Laundry, is that they use the laser in small increments instead of a major burn like I had previously done. Because they do it in small increments, there is no down time, and it will yield better results. The only thing that I had to be mindful of was to wear extra sunscreen, avoid the sun as much as possible, and only wear light powder for the day – that is it!

Skin Laundry is the answer to obtaining beautiful skin in 2014, and they are conveniently located at Fashion Island. We are thrilled to offer one OC Mom a complete product package (all four steps $90 value). Enter to win in the form below:

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We were provided with a sample treatment as a guest of Skin Laundry

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  1. Thanks for the info, my skin needs help! Laser didn’t do anything but leave me red the last time I tried it. 🙂

  2. Yes, agreed, this is great info..I would love to try something new!!

  3. To keep my skin from wrinkling any more!

  4. Need to add this to my post holiday To Do list! A little mom time!

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