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A Beginners Guide to Achieving a Lean Body

Millions of people all over the world wonder how to get a lean body female every day. It’s not as difficult as you may imagine— with a solid plan and the will to follow through, you can be tone and trim in no time. Many programs are available to help you on your journey, but where should you get started in the meantime?

Toning & Strengthening Exercises

The first step to a lean body is exercise. However, some exercises are more effective than others at giving you the figure you want. You will need to target specific muscle groups and supplement with whole-body cardio.

Jogging is a great activity for your entire body. If you don’t have access to a trail or treadmill, rope jumps will give you a similar result. Jumping jacks are great for strengthening many different muscle groups simultaneously. You can also zero in on your core with butterfly kicks or your glutes with squats.

Increase Workout Frequency

Ideally, you should complete three 30-minute cardio workouts, three 30-minute strength training workouts and two quick ab workouts per week to pack on lean muscle quickly. You can incorporate more than one type of workout per day, just make sure you alternate hard and easy days.

Rest is vital for muscle recovery, which in turn is vital for growth and progress. It may feel counterintuitive, but schedule dedicated rest days and give your muscles some love. A massage or a soak in the bath will do wonders. Epsom salts are excellent for treating soreness.

Eat Healthy Foods

Protein is king when you are building muscle. Eggs, yogurt and fish are great sources of healthy protein. Fish also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for muscle health. Increasing the frequency that you eat can also be beneficial. Decrease your portion size, but eat 5-6 times per day. Everyone’s body is different, so you should consult with a nutritionist about a plan built specifically for you.

Diet fads don’t do much for your health or wellness. It’s less about what to avoid and more about giving your body plenty of nutrients. However, limiting your soda and junk food intake will make you feel better overall.

Find Support and Community

Going it alone is never easy. Surround yourself with a fitness community for support and encouragement. The ability to connect with others on a similar journey can be a huge well of inspiration. That connection can also help to keep you accountable.

Many fitness programs have an online fitness community built in. Find the best workout app for toning and you’ll have instant friends and cheerleaders to keep you going. You can also reach out to trainers and experts with any questions.

Getting lean is not unattainable if you put in the work. Build a training schedule, be careful about what you eat and connect with others who share your goals. There’s no reason you need to figure it all out yourself. Reach out to a reliable trainer or fitness program for guidance and support.

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