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A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Good Quality Golf Equipment

Playing golf is not as easy as it seems. It requires various skills and practices with the correct golf equipment available. Since selecting the proper gear and golf clubs enhances the way you perform on the golf course, you can quickly start your practice even if you are playing the sport for the first time. However, choosing the right equipment can be very difficult because various brands offer the same sports tools. You have to be very critical while choosing the best quality golf equipment that meets your needs and budget to get your practice started. Meanwhile, you also have to choose the equipment according to your skill level, body type, gender, and physical and mental ability since different models are manufactured to meet the abilities of varied players. To help you with this, here’s the guide to choose all your golf equipment with specific considerations.


The shaft is the longest part of the golf club that connects the grip and the clubhead. Considering its length based on your height, body type, and physical energy is necessary since you can only be able to swing and play golf properly when you feel comfortable with your equipment. Moreover, the loft refers to the angle of the center of the shaft.


The clubhead is used to hit the ball from the tee box, as it is the lower head of the golf club that collides with the ball directly. Many brands offer a variety of sizes of club heads from their kits. However, the larger club heads are for beginners since it’s easier to swing the golf clubs having more volume. Mainly, there are three types of sizes; standard, midsize, and oversized club heads, made for people with variations in experience level.

Golf Clubs

Getting started as a beginner or being a professional player both require quality golf clubs with various models. These models are designed to cope with your expertise level; that’s why you need to consider whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Generally, a maximum of 14 clubs are allowed on a golf course for a higher experienced golfer, although you can have lesser clubs to begin your practice if you are a beginner. Many beginners also want to get large club faces with shorter shafts since they could make the practice easier. Using beginner’s golf clubs will not only help you build consistency in your game but also let you improve your playing methods. However, if you are a professional or intermediate player, you can invest in getting a high-quality or custom made golf kit according to your requirements.

Types of Golf Clubs


  • Driver


A driver is used for hitting the ball with the purpose to get it as far as possible. Mainly, there are three choices of neutral, draw, and off-set that helps to fix their shot by putting weight inside the clubhead. Subsequently, the square-shaped drivers are more efficient than the traditional ones since they help golfers to align tee shots more easily.


  • Wedges


Wedges help improve your score since they have a higher loft to get a higher spin. Generally, there are four wedges; gap wedge, approach wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. If you want to hit the ball with a higher trajectory, your gap wedge loft has a significant role in connecting the pitching wedge with the sand or lob wedge. On the other hand, when buying a suitable equipment kit, you need to consider the bounce factor for choosing the right wedge for your use.


  • Fairway Woods


Woods are also considered based on your experience level. Specifically, there are two types of wood shafts; graphite and steel woods. Similarly, there are three types of wood head design; draw, neutral and offset wood head. Meanwhile, the wood head can be manufactured in steel, titanium, and composite based on prices.

The Grip

The grip is an essential element of your golf club because its thickness affects how you swing your drivers. Therefore, the thickness of your golf club should not be extraordinarily thick or too thin, as it can create a devastating effect on your performance. To get a proper grip of your golf club, you may need to check with your left hand whether you can hold the grip easily by using your middle and ring finger, and the lesser part of the thumb should be touching the pad. However, if you hold it that way and your fingers couldn’t reach the thumb, it’s a sign that the grip is too thick.

With the increasing skills, you will also have to upgrade your golf clubs. Still, it’s better to learn first with the beginner’s kit. In addition, if you will buy custom made golf clubs according to your height, swing speed, and ability to play the sport, then your investment will be fruitful, and you can learn with the right equipment.

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