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Beginning our Family Adventure at the Majahuitas Resort


We forgot to change our clocks, and we woke-up late in Puerto Vallarta. With just 10 minutes to pack our bags, we rushed downstairs to catch a cab to the town of Boca de Tomatlan where we had a water taxi scheduled to meet us at 11am to take us to Majahuitas Resort. We tossed everything into our suitcases, and took a 45 minute drive to the docks.




When we arrived at the docks, there was a small cafe, and birds galore. Butterflies were like flies swarming around us as we walked around the small town, and the water was a dark deep brown where pelicans kept deep diving for fish. The humidity was so strong that the lens on my camera was fogging up just as the Majahuitas boat pulled into the docks to pick us up.




When the boat arrived, the kind gentlemen got off the boat to greet our family. We were hot, tired & exhausted, but the moment that the boat started to leave the dock, we were immediately cooled down and relaxed. As the boat glided across the water along the lush green coastline of Puerto Vallarta, we saw the most beautiful sights of our life. There were caves, houses, and the most beautiful beaches cozied up to the crystal clear turquoise waters.


Just as we were about to reach Majahuitas, the boat driver noticed a pod of dolphins, and took our family out to spend time visiting the majestic animals. The kids squealed with delight as the dolphins had splashed around our boat before we left to arrive at Majahuitas.


As our boat docked on the sparkling white sand of the Majahuitas beach, we were greeted by all the wonderful staff who helped our family off the boat. They put their arms around our shoulders and walked us up the beach to enter what would soon to become our family’s ultimate dream vacation experience. Lalo (spelling..sorry) sat my husband and I down to talk about the resort while our kids eagerly started playing a game of table tennis. He carefully went over everything that we would expect while staying at the resort before guiding our family into the jungle to the Mango House where we would spend the next best week of our lives.








The Mango House is the largest house at the resort (perfect for our large family). There were two floors, three beds (only two with bug nets) one and a half bathrooms, and a small sink. The kids didn’t waste any time exploring the house before putting on their swimsuits to explore the beautiful beach.




The kids dashed and splashed in the water while waiting for lunch to be served. The talented chefs at the resort prepare the food from the land and sea, so we would never know what to expect at every meal. Breakfast was at 9:30am, lunch 2:30, and dinner at 8pm. When our family heard the loud sound of a giant “gong” we knew it was time for our meal to begin.




As our family made our way off the beach for our first meal at the resort, they had a private table with beautiful panoramic views for our family to enjoy during lunch. Lunch was started with a warm cup of homemade tortilla soup before a generous helping of enchiladas. The food was the best Mexican food that we had ever had, and we could not wait for more.


Giant crabs…you’ll have to stay tuned to learn more about them!!









While the boys spent time exploring the beach, Ella and I, spent time exploring the property. We walked throughout the jungle, visited the pigs and saw the laundry facility. We met a lot of the staff, who we would soon feel like our family and basked in the beautiful nature that surrounded us.


As it neared 8pm, our family met-up at the Mango house to get ready for dinner. We took a refreshing freezing cold shower using the nearby creek water, before getting dressed for dinner. When we heard the sounds of the gong, we all gathered together with the other guests at the resort for a communal dinner together.




Dinner was even more amazing than lunch as they served a caesar salad along with pork chops and pasta (just to accommodate my older sons severe food allergies). They took no chances when it came to his allergies and custom-made every meal to make him feel relaxed, comfortable and at home at Majahuitas.





After dinner, all the guest made their way down to the beach to admire the beautiful sunset. We laughed, unwinded and celebrated our love for each other. There was not a worry in the world or any thoughts other than our affection we had for each other in those moments as the sun finally set.


We ended our night playing games together by candlelight, before following the path of candles into the Mexican jungle to the mango house. There were bugs, animals, and sounds of falling mangos that made our first night sleeping in a real jungle the hardest nights sleep of our lives. There were sounds we had never heard before in our lives, and bugs we never knew existed, but with our mini flashlights in our hands, we made it through our first night sleeping in a real jungle (with open walls and only a couple of windows)



Did I mention that there was no electricity…wifi…or cell service?


Stay tuned tomorrow, as I share how our adventure continued at the Majahutias Resort…


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