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Behind The Scenes of Family Game Night

We attended as a guest of the Hub Network

Every Friday night, my family spends the evening playing board games together. We laugh, scream and jump out of our seats with excitement while playing our favorite board games. It is the best way for our family to reconnect after a busy week and strengthens our family bond. Since we enjoy our weekly family game night so much, we also enjoy watching the television show on Sunday nights, “Family Game Night.”


Earlier this summer, our family went to a taping of the popular Hub Network show “Family Game Night.” We checked in at the studio, got our colored shirts, and took our seats in the audience for an afternoon of fun. Our family has not yelled and cheered as much as we did during the taping of this exciting family show. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences. We were constantly entertained during the commercial breaks and while watching audience members compete for fun prizes.



After the taping of the show, we got a unique opportunity to tour behind the scenes of “Family Game Night.” The kids got to take pictures with the giant game pieces and see the control room where the producer watches the taping of the show.



The award-winning host of the show, Todd Newton, makes playing games together as a family fun while hosting the television show. It inspires family to come together and create strong bonds together while participating in good old-fashioned fun – playing board games.


Bring your family together tonight to watch “Family Game Night” on the Hub Network tonight at 4pm PST. Once your family is done laughing together while watching the hit show, pull out your favorite board game and have fun playing together.


Look for our family in the audience during the show that will air on Sunday, September 21st at 4pm on the Hub Network.

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