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Behind-the-Scenes of Beauty and The Beast

We visited as a guest of Disney


We’re all kids at heart, so when we were invited to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank to peek inside the Walt Disney Archives for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Beauty and the Beast,” we couldn’t wait!! We didn’t really even know such a thing existed and having the chance to soak in a bit Disney history was a great way to spend an afternoon!


Seeing the Archives filled with so many Disney memories; props from movies, television shows, theme park pieces and the mass volumes of books alone was amazing! Do you know they preserve every video, book, record, script and publication? Yes, when a film wraps they choose the most iconic pieces to archive. We are huge book and film lovers, so we could have spent hours in this lovely little room. Stepping into those four walls brought back many moments of our own childhood; Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, princesses and those favorite iconic ears.


One very popular movie display is featured, Beauty and the Beast, with props from the animator’s desk, sketches, animation models that are created, collector’s items and even the mirror used in the stage production on Broadway. I could almost hear my daughter’s voice from many years ago, asking if she could be Belle for Halloween; whom she adored!! She was a beautiful Belle that year!


Next year all of us will get to see the new Walt Disney release of Beauty and the Beast, it’s so exciting for us. If you’re like most, Belle is an all time favorite; she’s the first Disney Princess with brown hair, brown eyes, nose deep in a book, smart and beautiful with no interest in boys. She fills the screen with independence, kindness, her beauty and we fall in love with her. In the original animated movie, Paige O’Hara was the voice of Belle; sharing the screen with so many other wonderful actors.


Paige O’Hara is petite, beautiful and a firecracker of energy; we love her! Can we talk about her voice? Gorgeous! If you pop in the movie and or listen to the soundtrack again, you will certainly agree.


In a small round table we were given the chance to chat with Paige O’Hara about her memories of working on Beauty and the Beast as well as Mark Henn, the “Belle” Animator. These two worked closely through the process of the film and are still friends to this day. Both Paige O’Hara and Mark Henn were engaging, down to earth and joyful in sharing with us their experiences during the production of Beauty and the Beast. We love that each actor would be filmed while singing their part; so that the animator could convey their facial expressions, hand gestures used within the animated character. How cool is that, right?! We always wonder about the little tricks of the trades; this is one we discovered today.


Last question for each of them came from us. What is your favorite scene in the movie? The message that was given in both of their favorite scene’s…LOVE!! Yes, that word that makes the world go round.

Paige shared with us her favorite; when the Beast is sitting fireside after an injury to his arm, Belle gently tends to his wound and you see the deep care she has for the Beast, he then realizes his feelings towards Belle too. Mark Henn commented that his favorite; is when Belle and the Beast are both out in the snow during “Something There That Wasn’t There Before”, Belle peeks out behind the tree towards the Beast and we realize, she cares for him.


Yes, no wonder we all loved Beauty and the Beast so much! It’s the magical, wonderful feeling that we all need in life; whether it be through family, friends or our significant other, bottom line it’s Love! Beauty and the Beast is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.

Darice is a very active mother of a gorgeous daughter. Darice, enjoys a career in sales, surrounded by many friends and family; always taking on another opportunity for growing and networking. A people person who embraces trying new things, helping others, a social butterfly and enjoys cheering on her niece and nephew at soccer and/or volleyball games.
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