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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Being Prepared to Protect Your Family During Fire Season


There is nothing scarier than not being able to get in contact with a loved one during an emergency.

Earlier this week, my younger son and husband were at an evening event at my son’s elementary school, when a fire broke out in the brush just a few short yards away from the school. Everyone stayed calm, the firefighters raced to the scene and were successfully able to put the fire out within just a few minutes – saving the surrounding homes and my son’s school. Thankfully, my husband had Verizon service and was able to immediately contact me on his cellphone to let me know that everyone was alright before I was to see it unfold on social media.

It was a school function that every parent at our elementary school will never forget and was a good reminder that we should all be thinking about how to be prepared for an emergency.

During the winter months, we got an abundance of rain, which caused massive wildflowers to bloom all over Orange County. Families all over Southern California enjoyed the beauty of the flowers and captured gorgeous keepsake photos, but one thing that many of us didn’t think about was how these wildflowers were going to become a fire hazard during our warm summer months.

Summer is finally here, and so is wildfire season. It is more important than ever to be prepared to be able to stay in touch with your loved ones in the event of an emergency and to be able to contact first responders. Verizon is a great source for your family to get the necessary technology to use in the event of an emergency. With Verizon having best available cellular service and devices like the Google Google Pixel XL and Mophie Powerstation, your family will have everything you need in the event of an emergency. Visit a local Verizon store or go online to find a wide variety of products to keep your family connected.

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