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Best Wine Is The One Enjoyed With Friends

Samples of Ammunition Wine was provided

When planning our recent girls getaway glamping trip to KOA in Ventura, I knew that I wanted to serve my friends my favorite wine. I recently discovered Ammunition Wine, and ever since it has been my favorite wine. I picked up a case of Chardonnay and Zinfandel and headed up to Ventura for an unforgettable girls getaway.

Glamping with Friends at KOA

The minute that I arrived with the wine, we opened a bottle. Poured each other glasses of wine, and made a toast to our friendship. We sat together on the balcony of our cabin and spent the afternoon laughing together about all the funny moments we’ve experienced together while friends.

Cabins at KOA in Ventura

The Chardonnay from Ammunition Wine quickly became a favorite of my friends who love white wine as much as me. By the end of the trip, there was not a drop of the Ammunition Chardonnay left. Those of my friends who are red wine lovers couldn’t stop talking about the Zinfandel.

Ammunition Wine with friends

We are all busy moms and work extra hard. A glass of wine during dinner is always nice after a stressful day taking care of the kids. But, there is nothing better than sharing a bottle (or two) with your favorite girlfriends. Wine just tastes better with friends, and it is fun to create memories together while sipping on a glass.

Not only is Ammunition Wine fantastic to enjoy during dinner or when getting together with friends, but it is also a great gift idea. The bottles feature beautiful labels that will impress your friends when you gift them a bottle. I love to surprise my friends by gifting them a bottle of Ammunition Wine when they don’t expect it. It’s a beautiful way to make your friends know how special they are to you.

Ammunition Wines

When planning your next dinner party or shopping for wine to add to your home wine collection, explore the different flavors of Ammunition Wine. I promise that after tasting their wine, you’ll find yourself only purchasing that brand in the future.

Find your closest distributor of Ammunition Wine online or join their wine club!

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