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Best Animated Role Model of All-Time: Ginnifer Goodwin in ‘Zootopia’

Ginnifer Goodwin zootopia

Ginnifer Goodwin did an outstanding job playing the role of Judy Hopps in the upcoming Disney film, “Zootopia.” Her character overcomes bullying, never gives up, and is one of the best animated role models of all-time. We recently had the honor of getting to talk to the supermom while we were in Florida last month about her role in the film.

Judy Hopps in Zootopia

When it came to preparing for the role, Goodwin said, “This is a new world for me, animation, and everything was really in the hands of the animators. I all did was show up and try to be completely emotionally available and said my lines and tried different things and wore sneakers so I could jump around and, and that’s about it.

Judy Hopps Holding a Donut

“It’s the most fun I’ve ever had. No one should get paid to have this much fun.” Ginnifer Goodwin

It was easy for Goodwin to say ‘yes’ to playing the role of Judy Hopps. “There was one word that convinced me that I needed to take this role and that was Disney. I was sitting in Mickey Mouse pajamas in my kitchen. I was pregnant. I was in Vancouver shooting Once Upon a Time and I got a phone call that I was being offered this job and I had never heard of ‘Zootopia’ and I took it immediately,” said Goodwin. Then her representative advised her that she was taking the role of a character she knew nothing about and a movie that she knew nothing about, and she continued to say, “I actually didn’t read the script. I didn’t read the script for a little while. I went in and I sat down with the filmmakers. They showed me the storyboards. They created the world for me, walked me through everything and I was shown a version of the script that, it’s similar to what we made.”


“I related very much to the character. I understand why I was cast.” Ginnifer Goodwin

When Goodwin first saw Just Hopps with her voice she said, “It was a dream. I didn’t see an entire scene until I saw the first trailer. It was the DMV scene at D23. I saw it while standing backstage watching it on a monitor at the same time that all of the thousands of fans did.” When she saw the movie for the first time she, “Forget that it is me and I can get completely lost in it which is something that I can’t, unfortunately do when I’m watching something live action because when I’m watching something live action, I’m just going, uh, I need to lose five pounds and I hate the way I said that line,” said Goodwin.

During the recording process, “They would always decorate the sound booth in artwork which was incredibly inspiring and anything new would go up for me to see. Um, but I was really blown away. I still can’t get over it,” said Goodwin.


“I just saw the entire movie, six weeks ago, and it did blow my mind. I’m a bit quick to tears, but I start crying the second the castle came up and said Disney.” Ginnifer Goodwin

The world of Zootopia

As for her son, he has not seen it. She told us, “We only recently decided that we’re not going to let him see it for a long time. We kept him from all entertainment, and all technology based entertainment until this point. He’s about to turn two. He’s a reader. He’s extremely physically active. He’s a player and we really encouraged him to let that be his forms of entertainment. I thought that we were going to let him see ‘Zootopia’ but we realized, Oliver thinks that Winnie the Pooh is real and we don’t want to shatter any of his illusions. I’m just terrified that he would see ‘Zootopia’ and he’s a smart kid, and he would say, ‘that sounds an awful lot like Mommy.'”

zootopia March 4th

Goodwin truly has the Disney magic in her soul, and wants to keep the magic alive for her children. You can’t miss seeing her be one incredible role model for your children in the film “Zootopia” in theaters this Friday, March 4th.

Learn more about “Zootopia” online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Disney. We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

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