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The Best Annual Check Ups to get and why they are important

As people age, it is increasingly important that they have annual visits to a healthcare professional. There are many different types of annual checkups that you can have, all with different focuses and goals. The following are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your next annual checkup and which one to prioritize.


What are Health Assessments, and Why are they Important?

A health assessment is essentially an in-depth health checkup. These types of assessments can give you and your doctors a better picture of your overall health and well-being. These types of assessments generally involve medical, non invasive tests that can help you understand your body better. These types of assessments are incredibly important, it is generally recommended that you receive a health assessment at least once a year when you turn thirty. They can help you detect and prevent serious disease in the body and show you the areas where you could be taking better care for yourself. There are various health assessments that you can get, all of which try to determine your family history, possible risks, and overall health.

Physical Exams

A physical exam is an incredibly important checkup that you should be looking to get at least once a year. The main purpose of a physical exam is for a doctor to look for any signs of problems with your health. Generally, a physical exam is a simple test where the doctor uses your senses (hearing, sight and touch), to get a good idea of your body’s performance and overall health.

A physical exam is much more about what is wrong with your health and the things that can be done to make things right. The doctor will want to discuss routine things such as your medical and family history, however, they will also want to do unique things such as checking your vitals and taking blood or urine samples to be tested by a lab.

Annual Wellness Visits

An annual wellness visit is commonly thought of as being the same as a physical exam. Although there are similarities between the two, the assessments are completely different. An annual wellness visit is much more concerned with how you can stay healthy through preventative measures. These visits tend to be much more personal than physical assessments as you will be given personalized advice and a strict schedule to adhere to. Chartspan offers Annual Wellness Visit for patients, and they include unique preventative plans which are curated by providers who have in-depth discussions with patients about their health. Unlike physical assessments, patients must have had medical insurance for longer than 12 months to be eligible for an annual wellness visit.


Annual checkups can help find potential issues before they become dangerous. A physical assessment should be used when you need to find out what is wrong with you whilst an annual wellness visit should be used when you need to stay healthy.

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