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Best Beach in Mexico: Balandra Beach in La Paz

We visited as a guest of La Paz

Balandra Beach in La Paz Mexico

I have visited many beautiful beaches while traveling the world, but one beach clearly stood out to me as the most beautiful beach in the world, Balandra Beach. It was voted as one of the ten best beaches in Mexico by TripAdvisor, and it is clearly the #1 winner. Until visiting Balandra Beach in La Paz, Grace Bay beach in the Turks and Caicos was my favorite, but not anymore. Balandra Beach is unlike any other beach I have visited before. It is a perfectly shaped cove where visitors can walk for miles into the crystalline turquoise water without the water getting higher than your waistline.

Balandra Beach in La Paz

Walking on the La Paz Beaches

Walking in the waters at Balandra Beach

Under the sea in La Paz

Turquoise water at Balandra Beach

Turquoise water in La Paz

Toes in the sand in Mexico

Splashing toes in the water at Balandra Beach

The best part – it is rarely crowded.

The World's Aquarium in La Paz

Underwater in La Paz

Shimmer of the water in La Paz

Exploring underwater in La Paz

Best Family Vacation in Mexico

While I was standing on the edge of sand looking at the water, the water would change colors every few minutes. It was magical, mystical, and a moment that I’ll never forget. I spent most of my time sitting in the water basking in the warm summer sun as small fish and rays would go swimming past. It was one of the most calming experiences that left me refreshed, relaxed and reconnected with my mind, body, and soul.

Sitting on the beach in La Paz

Shimmering water in La Paz

Shelby at Balandra Beach in La Paz

Romatic time in La Paz

Relaxing in La Paz

Mushroom Rock in La Paz

Loving La Paz

One of the highlights of my time visiting Balandra Beach was a stand-up paddle board (SUP) adventure with Baja Unexplored through the salt mangroves. I felt immersed into a magical world as I sat on my paddle board and soaked in the experience like a sponge. I never want to forget the beautiful birds flying above my head and abundant lush landscaping surrounding me as I paddled through the small canals.

SUP in Mexico

SUP in La Paz

Salt Mangroves

Paddle Boarding at Balandra Beach

Mangroves in La Paz

Exploring the Mangroves

Explore La Paz

Best Place to SUP in Mexico

When planning your visit to Balandra Beach, plan to spend the entire day at the beach. I recommend bringing towels, umbrella, picnic lunch, drinks, sunscreen, and an inflatable water tube to float on the water. You’ll also want to walk out into the water to take a photo of the famous mushroom rock. Don’t miss planning a day at Balandra Beach when planning your family vacation to La Paz, Mexico.

A boat at Balandra Beach

Best Beach in La Paz

Beautiful Mexico Beaches

Boating in La Paz

Crystal Clear water in La Paz

Exploring the hills around Balandra Beach

Families enjoying Balandra Beach

Gorgeous Balandra Beach

Looking down at the beautiful Balandra Beach

Just arrived at Balandra Beach

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  1. Thank you so much for your blog postings on La Paz, it is amazing and inspiring! I live in OC and now planning on trying to make a trip happen to La Paz because of this post. How do you get to this Balandra Beach from La Paz hotels, is there hotels closer to this beach you would stay at? Also how are the beaches in front of the main hotel area for example the Hyatt? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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