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Best Emergency Mobile Phone for Kids

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My younger son has been begging me for a mobile phone. All of his friends have them, and yet they are only eight-years-old. It has been our personal parenting decision not to allow our children to have a cell phone at such a young age, but after the entire LAUSD was closed for a whole day due to a terrorist threat, I now want to ensure that my kids can get ahold of me when they are at school. Since I still don’t want my eight-year-old son to have access to all the capabilities of a traditional mobile phone, I did some research and found the perfect emergency mobile phone for kids.

Kid with Star Wars Backpack going to school

I got all of my kids the new SpareOne Emergency AT&T GoPhone. Why? They don’t need electricity; it doesn’t need to be charged, and will be in their backpack in case of an emergency for at least 20 years when not used. It has a flashlight, glow in the dark keypad, panic siren and an SOS signal built into the phone.

SpareOne GoPhone

By giving my children the SpareOne Emergency GoPhone by AT&T, I can have comfort in knowing that they can get ahold of emergency services (or me) in the event of a school lockdown or natural disaster. It is even easy for my younger son to use because all he has to do is push the red emergency button on the phone, and it will call emergency services for him if needed.

GoPhone Emergency Mobile Phone

Our children are growing up in a different type of world than we did. Never in a million years did I think that I would be in a position where I would have to talk to my young children about protecting themselves in the event of a school lockdown – but I have. It is vital that we prepare our children for all types of emergency situations, and being able to communicate with emergency services in the event of an emergency is crucial for our children.

Parents can have this emergency phone with their kids forever, and can pay for the service without a contract by purchasing a GoPhone prepaid card. When looking for an emergency mobile phone for your children without having to worry about a long term contract or even having to worry if the phone cell phone is charged in the event your children need to use it, the SpareOne emergency AT&T GoPhone is a perfect choice.

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