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Best Family Hybrid Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

Test drive vehicle provided

Hiking with the Toyota Rav4

Ever since I found out that my son got into Orange County School of the Arts for their Culinary Arts and Hospitality high school program, I couldn’t stop thinking about how high our monthly gas bill will be from driving him over an hour away from home each day. The logical solution is to start thinking about trading in our gas-guzzling full-size SUV for a more economical Hybrid vehicle. The first hybrid that I put to the test was the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Limited, and I fell in love with it within the first hour of driving it.

2016 Rav4 Dash

2016 Toyota Rav4

Back of the Toyota Rav4

The car has a sleek body style, and it hugs the road when driving it on the freeway. The best part of it was the gas mileage. The car features 34/31 with an estimated 17 mpg. I drove the car for a full week, and never had to refuel where I would have needed to refuel twice with my full-size SUV.

backup camera on the Rav4

Dash of the Rav4

Exploring with the Toyota Rav4

As a family of five, with two teenagers, I was concerned about the interior space of a compact sports utility vehicle, but the car featured way more leg room that I was expecting. Our entire family was able to sit inside the car without feeling cramped, and even felt like we had a little extra room to spare. When it came to the trunk, I was able to pack all our beach gear into the back without a problem. The car also had a handy net that was perfect for holding the kids water bottles, and our picnic lunch was kept cool by utilizing the inside trunk shade.

Features inside the 2016 Rav4

Grocery Shopping with the Rav4

Rav4 at Costa Mesa park

The car was designed with families in mind and had every feature that our family has been looking for in our new car. There was a perfect place to hold my cell phone, a cup holder that was designed to hold my morning coffee travel mug and more. There were heated seats to keep us warm in the morning, and cooling seats to help keep us cool in the afternoon, plus dual-zone automatic climate control which is crucial to have when driving teenagers around town.

Rav4 Headlights

Rav4 in OC

Rav4 Navigation

While driving the Rav4, I was able to monitor the energy used to power the car with on the dashboard. The Hybrid Synergy Drive system showed me how the car was charging with power being provided by the wheels, and power was not an issue with the cars 194 net horsepower engine.

Rav4 Steering wheel

Rav4 Wheels

Sleek body of the Rav4

Toyota is one of the best when it comes to equipping cars with the best technology available. It has a backup camera like most vehicles, but what I liked the most about this backup camera was that it would notify me when a car was coming from a good distance away. When I was backing out of parking spot at the park, the car helped me to do it safely. The car had easy to use navigation, HomeLink, and a smart key system. A unique technological feature in the car is the Siri Eyes Free 33. I always utilize Siri when driving, and this feature made it easier to utilize Siri with fewer distractions.

Spacious interior of the Rav4

Taking the Rav4 to the beach

Toyota Rav4 at the farm

Families can have peace of mind that they family is safe when driving in any Toyota vehicle. The Rav4 has eight airbags, a blind spot monitor, lane departure alert with steering assist, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, and Toyota’s Star Safety System.

Driving the Rav4 around Orange County

The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is priced starting at $28,370, and currently, Toyota is offering 0% financing for 48 months. If your family is like mine and looking for a more fuel economical vehicle, make sure and test drive the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid. I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with it just as much as I did.

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  1. I have just sold my Prius v and get a new RAV4 Hybrid. Current price is $29,030. Best for the trip and long drive with friends and family. Thank you for sharing your awesome review.


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