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The Best Fish Tacos in La Paz

Ever since visiting La Paz last May, I have been craving the fish tacos that I had at Tacos De Pescado El Estadio. They were the best fish tacos that I have ever eaten in my life, and I couldn’t wait to have more when I returned to La Paz. When planning our recently family weekend getaway, I made plans one morning to bring my family to Tacos De Pescado El Estadio for breakfast.

Why fish tacos for breakfast? People who live in La Paz eat fish tacos for breakfast or lunch and then carne asada or al pastor in the evenings. Tacos De Pescado El Estadio is one of the most popular places that locals go for fish tacos for breakfast or lunch, and you’ll often see a long line on the weekends.

Since the last time I went to Tacos De Pescado El Estadio, there was quite an extensive line, we went for an early breakfast before catching our plane ride home. The taco shop is not easy to find for tourists because the building is not marked with a sign on the front. I was able to ask one of my friends who lives in La Paz for the directions, and we were able to easily find it by the cross streets and knowing what the front of the restaurant looks like (see first picture in the blog post to help with finding it).

I recommend coming to Tacos De Pescado El Estadio on one of your first days in La Paz because I guarantee that you’ll want more of their delicious tacos before returning to the states.

The taco shop is a small family owned business. When you first arrive, you’ll place your order at the taco cart. The shrimp tacos are my absolute favorite, but my kids seemed to disagree and loved the fish tacos. You’ll tell the man at the taco cart how many of each kind of taco that you want, and he’ll put them on a plastic covered plate for you. Then you’ll have fun adding the different toppings to your tacos. (I recommend lots of the pink sauce -yum!) Then you’ll pick out a drink, go to the register, and pay.

Don’t be shy, and order lots of tacos. My kids only ordered one at first, and then ended up going back 3x for more! They are that good!! The best part is the price. Our family of five was able to have a ton of fresh fish tacos and drinks for less than $20!! If you have a picky eater like my littlest one, you can order quesadillas – it just takes a little bit longer to wait for them to be custom made.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating at Tacos De Pescado El Estadio. It is located at the corner of Independencia and Guillermo Prieto Street in La Paz, Mexico (two blocks away from Catedral de La Paz). Don’t miss having breakfast or lunch at this delicious dining destination in La Paz. I guarantee that you’ll want to plan a return getaway to La Paz just to eat more of these tacos!!

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