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Best Gifts for Your Fashion-Conscious Relatives

Many families include at least one fashionista: the kind of person who always rocks up at family gatherings with a new designer handbag, jaw-dropping shoes, or a haircut that’s out of this world. It can be hard to find original gifts for someone who already dedicates so much of their own time and money to keeping up with the latest trends. Here are some gift ideas that will make every fashionista happy this upcoming holiday season.

The latest in hairdressing technology: the Split-Ender Pro

Nobody likes split ends, but while for most people, damaged hair tips are simply a mild annoyance to be dealt with at the hairdresser’s once every six months or so, they can truly be a thorn in the side of hair fashionistas. A new type of electric hair tool, the Split-Ender Pro, has been developed to enable the most hair-conscious folks out there to deal with the problem of split ends quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home. This tool looks a lot like an electric hot air brush, but its purpose is to quickly and easily trim hair ends without taking off any length. Although the product was developed initially for professional hairdressers to use in salons, a home-use version has now been added to the range. Perfect for your long-haired loved ones!

For the quirky fashionista: a novelty clutch bag

Clutch bags have been a staple of the couture handbag industry for a long time and have evolved into ever more precious and intricate objects, with daring designs that often include precious gemstones. Nobody does this better than Judith Leiber, whose crystal-covered clutch bags include pieces in every shape you can imagine and more. You could buy your fashion-loving relative a clutch bag in the shape of their dog, their favorite drink, a rainbow, a basketball … Whatever your beloved fashionista is into, you’re sure to find a gift in this range that even they won’t expect.

For the one who travels a lot: a fashion magazine subscription

If you have a fashion-loving relative who spends a lot of time on trains or airplanes, consider gifting them a subscription to one of the many fashion magazines available in the United States. Receiving a copy of their favorite mag every month means that they will never be out of browsing material for their travels!

For your relative who has everything: a trip to LA Fashion Week

If your fashion-loving relative already has a closet full of more clothes, shoes, and handbags than they know what to do with and a bathroom cabinet brimming with the latest make-up and beauty products, you might not want to add to the clutter by buying them a physical gift this holiday season. If there’s one thing that two years of isolation and social restrictions have taught us, however, it is that memories and experiences are irreplaceable and are often worth much more than tangible objects. So why not gift your loved one a couple of tickets to one of the many runway shows that take place every year during LA Fashion Week? Your relative is sure to make wonderful memories there, and if you’re lucky, they might even ask you to accompany them!

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