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The Best Holiday Gift for The Mom on the Go


All of us moms are busy, and always on the go. The worst thing that can happen to a mom is when her cell phone battery runs out of she drops her phone, and it breaks.

I’ll never forget the feeling when I was running to the bus stop, tripped, dropped my phone, and it shattered. That meant that I had to spend the rest of the day at the Apple Store waiting to get my phone replaced when I needed to be driving the kids to their activities and getting dinner on the table for the family.

At the end of a busy day caring for the kids, I have found myself too tired to plug in my phone at night. That means waking up to a phone that might have 5% battery life and need to go about my day. So, I have been researching different companies that make portable chargers, and I fell in love with the one that Altigo makes.

Altigo makes not only great portable chargers but also fantastic cell phone cases that are perfect for mom’s who run the risk of dropping their phones. Their cases provide military-grade impact protection, and my favorite feature is that they are clear so you can still show off your favorite iPhone color. The cases have reinforced corners and raised edges for added protection!

When it comes to portable chargers, I always used to use Mophie. The only problem with Mophie is that the portable charger really only provides 1/4 of a charge on the newer iPhones. Instead of packing 2-3 Mophie’s in my purse, I just need one with Altigo.

The Altigo Endure 26,800mAh portable battery is lightweight, slips into my purse seamlessly, and charges my phone at lightning fast speed. I have been able to get 2-3 full charges of my iPhone from the Endure 26,800mAh portable battery!! That is amazing!

Altigo makes for the perfect gift for your wife or mom this holiday season. Not only do they have protective cell phone cases and portable cell phone chargers, but also some fantastic headphones. Surprise the woman who loves tech in your life with a new Altigo product under the tree this year. Purchase Altigo products online.

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