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Best Pizza in Baja California: Cafe El Triunfo

When planning our visit to El Triunfo during our stay in La Paz, Mexico, I did a little bit of research and learned that there is only one restaurant in the small town called Cafe El Triunfo. While exploring the town, I did learn that there are more restaurants in the town, but since I thought it was the only place to dine, we stopped in for lunch before learning about La Ramona and exploring the town.

The minute that we drove into the small town, there was a sign on the side of the road directing visitors to the location of the cafe. We parked the car and walked up to the beautiful restaurant. The restaurant is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever dined at in Mexico. When you first step in the door, there is a coffee bar where guests can order a drink or pastry.

We walked in the past the coffee counter and found a table on the outdoor dining patio. What I really enjoyed about the ambiance is that all the tables are spaced apart so guests can feel like they are dining alone on the patio while enjoying views of the historic La Ramona mining chimney.

The important thing to know about this restaurant is that it is cash only (and the prices are a little high) so make sure and bring plenty of cash to pay for your meal.

The menu featured some breakfast items, sandwiches and what they are well-known for – the pizza! Never in my life would I expect to savor some of the best pizza I’ve ever had in Mexico, but I did!

We started with a salad that featured candied walnuts, cranberries, goat cheese, tomatoes that were tossed with a honey mustard vinaigrette.

We were having a little bit of trouble communicating with the server how large the pizzas are, so we ended up ordering two large pepperoni pizzas for the kids and ended up with a large amount of pizza to bring home. The sizing of the pizza is pretty accurate to the size of pizzas at most pizza places.

While the kids enjoyed the pepperoni pizza, I ordered their specialty pizza – El Triunfo. The pizza was amazing – truly amazing. It had a nice thin crust, was cooked in their outdoor pizza oven and bursted with flavor. The pizza featured steak, chile, and corn. I highly recommend getting it when dining at Cafe El Triunfo.

Before we left, we got a loaf of their legendary bread which usually sells out every day by 8 am, but we got lucky, and they still had a couple of loaves left. Every morning their magnificent, rustic loaves are taken out of the mesquite firewood oven Chef Marcos Spahr built especially for baking bread. Chef Marcos is a self-taught break baker. Trial and error and studying methods in bread books written by the most famous bakers in the world, Leonel Poilane, Peter Reinhart, Chad Robertson, Thom Leonard, and Kathleen Weber. He also visited Poalianes bakery in the Latin Quarter in Paris and picking the brain of the baker on duty to perfect his bread making skills.

Chef Marcos has baked bread every day for 21 years. Their bread takes 24 hours to make from start to finish. They use a method of slow cold fermentation that develops more complex and mildly acidic flavors. The final product has a natural sweetness and nutlike character. The French call this Pain a I’Ancienne.

After lunch, we walked around the cafe and admired all the pictures on the wall and decorations. It is such a beautiful restaurant and a great place to capture unique photos. Next, we walked next door to visit Museo Ruta de Plata where we learned all about the history of the old mining town.

When planning your upcoming visit to El Triunfo when staying in La Paz or Cabo Mexico, experience some of the best pizza you’ll ever have in your life at Cafe El Triunfo.

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  1. Very nice article. Maybe someday I’ll come there. You might remember me as Carol Spahr your step-cousin.

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