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Best Planning Tips for Your Wedding Day

If you are looking for the best planning tips for your wedding day, then you’ve come to the right place!

The most important day of your life is approaching, and you still have a lot of wedding planning to do. You have already got your perfect wedding ring and even picked your matching dresses and bridesmaids. Now, you need to make a plan for your wedding to make it special.

Here are some pre-wedding tips for you to make sure everything goes perfectly and smoothly.

Plan The Wedding According To Your Taste

Be confident! Learn what you and your partner want on your best day. Many couples are quite confused about what they want or what their family wants them to do. I mean it is your day, so you and your partner need to decide what special things you want!

Of course, there are multiple wedding planners and websites like Love You Wedding to help make your day the best day. But you and your partner also need to determine the wedding day problems and solutions on your own.   

Don’t forget to consider vendors and budgets. If the vendor doesn’t meet your choices, you probably need to look for another. Simply trust your gut with the budget. Spend money carefully on what is essential for you, and if a thing is out of your budget, there are always alternatives available.

Make Decisions On What You Think

Take your wedding inspirations from Pinterest, Instagram, websites, and magazines to decide what you desire. Be creative rather than copying something else.

Don’t ever feel like you must add something to your wedding list just because it’s what is socially done. If you are not a fan of cake but love a margarita, serve a round of cocktails at dessert time. 

Get The Correct Wedding Suppliers

You have to know the correct suppliers and their styles to get the best wedding supplies. You do not have to copy others; you can get your supplies that match your taste. But if the supplier loves your style and compliments your ideas, you will be able to work with them easily and get an exceptional result.

Set Your Wedding Budget From Beginning and Stick to It

When you have set your preferences and choices, you can work on what sort of venue you want to have and how many people you will invite. Before all that, you need to think about the budget as it is the main part of your wedding-related decisions.

Be prepared to determine the budget along with your expectations, and once you find out that magic number, stick with it! From there, you can start planning all the fun stuff one by one and make your wedding memorable.   

Take All The Necessary Time in Planning; Don’t Rush

Sit down with your partner and think about all the most important things both of you want to have. You can also find some inspirations on Pinterest, Google, or wherever you want. Seek out the perfect venue where you can have the most beautiful designs, plentiful menu, perfect cake, photographer, and so on! Dream big and go for it, as it will allow you to find inspiration.

Once you find all the inspiration and know what you love, educate yourself with vendors that are available and what costs come with them. Make decisions based on what is important for you, and you also need to prepare a story to connect with your guests. Invest in the elements which will make a huge impact on you to enjoy your special day!

For a pandemic wedding, this may mean taking steps to protect your guests so that your day isn’t remembered for all the wrong reasons. Onsite event COVID-19 testing in Atlanta and other cities can be administered at the venue and prevent an active case of the virus from spreading among your guests.

Make Your Wedding A Memorable Day

To make your wedding a memorable day, you can do DIY projects with your family and friends. When your wedding day is over, you will have so many special memories and also those DIY flowers and other cherished projects you can keep forever.

Select The Best Location

Search for the perfect location for your wedding as it is one of the most important aspects to choose. The venue needs to be convenient for guests as some may come from out of town. Arrange enough activities to keep everyone pleased.

The location can be troublesome if you plan a destination wedding or if the reception is held in a place that is too small for the list of guests. To solve that, you may need to consider having two separate receptions. One area for your close friends and family to fit in and another area for everyone else.

If you are planning to arrange a destination wedding, make sure the guests can reach your wedding venue and have a place to rest after the long party. 

Hire The Right Photographer For The Job

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to wedding photographs, this is true. Arranging the right photographer will ensure that all the memories are captured perfectly. You may need to hire a wedding photographer who has the experience and equipment, or you can hire one that comes with a venue package.

You may also want to check how much a photographer charges you and what types of packages they offer. If you are choosing a photographer, be sure to learn about the printing rights and if there is any album added with the package.

Have A Backup Plan In Case Of Bad Weather

One of the essential things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is the sudden bad weather. This may happen because of the monsoon, or it might simply drizzle continuously throughout the ceremony. So, while hoping for good weather, you should always prepare a backup plan.

Use Technology For Your Wedding

You can use technology to make your wedding more memorable. You can use a projector to show off your memorable, lovely days with your partner and family. Also, you can enhance more social interaction with your guests by planning virtual weddings to enhance the guests’ engagement and experience.

Remember The Things Important To You And Your Partner

You have to make sure your decisions reflect all of the things important to you and your partner. Small and little things can mean most to your other half rather than unnecessary big ones. You have to think about making this day special because you will look back on this day in the future. You are about to get married to the love of your life, so you must remember your partner’s favorite things and also don’t forget to have fun.

Read The Contracts Before Signing

Couples need to be cautious and go through all their selective suppliers and requirements before contracting any wedding services, as well as the venue. Educate yourself about the reputable suppliers for your special day. Many couples still do the shopping with the lowest price and get cheap-quality products.

Always keep extra provisions for a contingency as you don’t want anything to go wrong on your special day. If you are planning a party outdoors, you should have a plan for unexpected rain to handle the situation perfectly. 

Read the contract of the wedding planners thoroughly to determine what you are signing. If you want to cancel all the wedding plans, is your deposit refundable? If so, how much will it be? What can you include and exclude in your wedding package? Timing changes and responsibility for preparations, and many more.

If you have any questions related to this contract, be sure to consult with your vendor about this matter. If needed, you can hire your attorney to protect your interest. Be flexible in every situation and do not panic. Even if you plan on a specific decoration of flowers, the weather conditions have a way of switching your choices.

Find The Wedding Planner That Reflects Your Vision

Get a good wedding planner who will guide you through every process. You should have trust in their experience, creativity, quality, and innovation. Let your heart decide how you want the event to be.

It is your wedding; it is all about you and your other perfect half, and it is the best day for the both of you. Your planner will look after each detail with elegance and precision to make your wedding unique and wonderful.

Choose How Your Ceremony Will Turn Out

Your legal part of the marriage is always handled by the registrar. But a Celebrant can be called in to conduct the ceremony. If you are not too religious and want a different and personalized wedding, then book a Celebrant. You can arrange your special day wherever you want it to be.

It does not need to be any licensed venue. You can arrange it in your backyard or indoors or where you guys had your first date. The beauty of a Celebrant ceremony is that you can arrange Asian rituals, music, poems, dancing, and more.

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