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Best Taco Shop in La Paz: Taqueria el Sabroso

We dined as a guest of La Paz

Taqueria el Sabroso in La Paz

What is the first thing to do when visiting La Paz? Go to a local taco shop! After checking into the Costa Baja Resort and Spa, we drove to have authentic tacos at the popular local dining destination, Taqueria el Sabroso.

Menu at Taqueria el Sabroso

While there are many places to get great tacos in La Paz, it is always the small local taco shops that are the best. When we arrived at Taqueria el Sabroso, my mouth started to water when I first breathed in the delicious aroma of the food being cooked. There was my favorite pork slowly spinning and marinating on a trompo just waiting to be thinly sliced to make amazing tacos al pastor, and fresh meats and vegetables ready to be sizzled on the grill.

Tacos al Pastor in La Paz

Veggies at Taqueria el Sabroso

After taking our seat at one of the tables inside of the taco shop, a server came to take our order. I started my meal by sipping on a refreshing coca-cola out of a bottle while having queso fundido con champiñones for the first time. It was cheese bliss in a bowl that was paired to perfection with a freshly made tortilla. After the first bite, I was in heaven. The dish is not on the menu, so make sure and ask for it when ordering.

queso fundido con champiñones in La Paz

Instead of getting my usual carne asada and tacos al pastor, I tried something new and ordered the chupacabras. The dish features steak, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, pork, bell peppers, and avocado. The unique flavor combination tantalized my taste buds in a way like never before. While there is plenty for two people to share, I don’t recommend sharing because you’ll want to eat as much of it as you can.

chupacabras in La Paz

There is something special about the taco shops in Mexico. Once dining at an authentic local taco shop like Taqueria el Sabroso, nothing else could ever compare. I guarantee that Taqueria el Sabroso will be one of our favorite meals when visiting La Paz.

Taqueria el Sabroso is located at Calle 5 de Mayo 340, Zona Central, 23000 La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico. Learn more about the beautiful La Paz on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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