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Best Taco Stand in Puerto Vallarta: Tacos Robles

We dined as a guest of the venue

Best Taco Stand in Puerto Vallarta

While staying at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa we went on a food tour with Vallarta Food Tours, and they shared with us the best taco stand in Puerto Vallarta, Tacos Robles.

Taco Robles in Puerto Vallarta

Tacos Robles is a Birria Taco Stand. Birria originated in the state of Jalisco, and the competition every year is Guadalajara. Grandma and her husband started their taco stand in the early 70’s. Every year, they do a competition in Guadalajara. The husband had worked for a gentleman who won many awards, and he wanted to start his own, so Grandma had to come up with a recipe for their family, and that is what she did.

They now own five places, and Taco Robles is the only one where Grandma (90-year-old) still works. They have not sold a permit for a new taco stand in 30 years in Vallarta. They are all either passed down or sold, but pretty much all of them are passed down. When you are eating at Taco Robles, you are getting generational food.

Grandma at Tacos Robles

The family owns three ranches, so you’re getting grass fed meat from their own ranches. Mexico has always been local and uses food that grows within a two-hour radius ever since the beginning of time. Whatever is local in the community is what you’re going to be served.

Making the best tacos in PV

Taco stands are the best because they turnover so much, so you’re getting the freshest of the fresh. The tacos are comparable to gourmet tacos in the States because of the fresh ingredients.

Taco Dorado at Taco Robles

The taco that we had was Dorado Style or their version of a crunchy taco. They take the meat, simmer for over eight hours to make the flavor that is full of all their secret spices. They then take two tortillas, dip them in the broth, and stuff it with the beef and goat. It used to be goat and iguana, but that is no longer legal in Vallarta, but it is still legal in the South. They then put it back on the grill and steam it until it infuses all the flavors into the tortilla.

Dorado Taco before condiments

You then add the condiments. There are multiple choices of salsas, cilantro and lime to add to your tacos. It is going to be steaming hot – so I recommend waiting a few minutes before taking your first bite. How do you know that salsa to use? Our tour guide shared a great tip with us. You want to taste all the salsas first. Put a small amount in the center of your tongue – not on the tip. If you put it on the tip of your tongue and touch your lips, then that’s when you can get rid of the flavor right away to try another salsa.

Salsa at Tacos Robles

It is a big place to come on a Sunday. They have a six day work week in Mexico, so everyone has Sundays off unless you are a restaurant. Businesses will normally be closed until 2 pm or 3 pm on Sunday. More than likely, this taco stand will be full on a Sunday, and run out of food by 1 or 1:30 pm, so come early!

Street Taco in Puerto Vallarta

Taco Dorado at Tacos Robles in Puerto Vallarta

If you are a vegetarian, they can fill the tortilla with veggies, and there are a lot of options. All the tortillas are made fresh daily from the local Tortilla Factory. When staying at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa don’t miss going into town for an amazing breakfast/early lunch at Tacos Robles. They are located at Constitucíon, Emiliano Zapata.

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