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Best US States To Live In

The state you live in is a major determinant of the quality of your life. This could be in terms of education, healthcare, security, and even certain rights. It is, therefore, not surprising that a significant number of people end up moving away from the state they were born in. This could be for a number of reasons, such as a new job or better schools for their kids.

If you’re considering moving, you might find it difficult to select the optimal state for you. Not to worry, we are here to guide you.This article discusses the best US states to reside in. Let’s dive right in!


Massachusetts is a key state to consider if your priority is access to quality education. The state is home to some of the leading universities in the country, such as Harvard, Boston College, and MIT. Similarly, Massachusetts boasts some of the best National Assessment of Education (NAEP) scores. Clearly, this is a great state to get an education.

Also, healthcare in Massachusetts is pretty good. The state has one of the highest numbers of primary care and mental health providers per capita. Insurance is also pretty popular here. In terms of lifestyle, Massachusetts is one of the top states, having more smoking regulations and a low level of tobacco use.

Massachusetts is not perfect, however, as the infrastructure in this state is nowhere near the best. For instance, 9% of the bridges in this state are structurally deficient.


Virginia is a relatively secure state, with its property and violent crime rates being much lower than the national average. The state has a low poverty rate, with only about 10% of residents living at or below the poverty line. In addition, there’s a low level of food security.

However, Virginia remains an ideal destination for business owners, as it was recently ranked as the best state for business.


Minnesota ranks high in healthcare, education, and fiscal stability. The state has a very low poverty level, with 9% of the population living at or below the poverty line. Also, Minnesota boasts low unemployment and food insecurity levels. Homeownership is also relatively high.

In terms of education, Minnesota is undoubtedly a great location, particularly with respect to early education. The state ranks fifth in the US for K-12 performance. However, higher education can get really expensive in Minnesota.

The job market in Minnesota is pretty good. Income is generally high, and unemployment is very low. The state has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. However, a major disadvantage is that the state income-tax burden gets relatively high.


If you’re majorly concerned about your job, Michigan is an excellent state to consider. The state offers one of the highest median incomes in the US. So, you have a good chance of securing a well-paying job in Michigan.

The state’s predominant rural areas make for a clear night sky and quiet days. If you’re looking for a state where you can relax and retreat from the fast-paced life of high-density cities, Michigan is a great destination. There are also many state parks where you can enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and boating.

Incidentally, Michigan is one of only six states in the US where you can play legal online casinos. Thus, if you’re really into casinos, Michigan should undoubtedly be one of your top considerations for states to reside in.


For many, Washington ranks as the best state to live in. It’s to understand the sentiment. Washington is one of the states that have no state income tax. This means you get to keep a greater proportion of your earned income compared to many other states. Further making the state appealing is the fact that it also boasts the fourth-highest median income in the country. Essentially, for job considerations, Washington is the number one go-to state.

In addition, if you’re looking for a state ideal for a healthy lifestyle, you should seriously consider Washington. Its residents rank as some of the most active and best-rested people in the US.

Similarly, there is a thriving culture of fitness, which is encouraged by the abundance of trails ideal for running and biking activities. This probably explains why Washington has an impressive life expectancy of 79.2 years and a reduced risk of premature death.

In addition, Washington is one of the states with a high level of renewable energy in the US. A significant portion of the state’s power supply is constituted by hydroelectric and wind power.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the state to live in is a major decision that can potentially affect significant aspects of your life. Depending on where you live, you might be more or less likely to live longer or earn higher. As such, it is crucial to pay attention to the features of various states to select the most suitable one for you.

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