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Best Ways to Customize Architecture Christmas Cards

The Holidays are an excellent time to devise marketing strategies to advertise your architecture company. Though, planning for the Holidays should ideally start a couple of months ahead of time. You’ll put together a list of recipients that include emails of past and current clients to show your appreciation for their business and perhaps, offer promotional discounts for upcoming projects. Potential clients who may have contacted the company with inquiries and employees should also be on your list of recipients. Once you’re ready with the final list, start designing architecture Christmas cards, customizing them for the maximum impact. Here’s how.

Choose the Right Card Paper

While having a specific budget for your Holidays advertising campaign is a wise move, you cannot compromise on the paper quality you choose for the cards. Pick out high-grade dull/matte coated stock paper complete with a matching envelope. This paper is ideal for printing and shows off hi-def images beautifully. An added positive is that you can sign the card when addressing esteemed clients without worrying about smudges. Alternatively, you could go with handmade parchment, linen, or ribbed paper to add an element of elegance and class. 

Choose an Industry-Relevant Theme

Considering that the Christmas Card is a brand ambassador for your company, make sure that the theme is industry-oriented. You’ll include contemporary architectural elements and design forms that are typically used in practice. When adding Holiday details, make sure they’re represented with subtlety without being over the top. Include snowflakes, Santa, holly, gifts, and candy in tiny motifs that indicate Christmas but don’t take away from the primary objective–advertising your architecture services. The card should be instantly recognizable as specific to the season and worth saving because of its attractive appearance. You’ll want clients to use the company’s contact information to get in touch with you for future projects. 

That Brings Us to Information!

Since you’re investing in a marketing campaign, make sure the company’s contact information is clearly visible. You’ll add details like the partners’ names and emails, phone numbers, and company official address. Don’t hesitate to add details of the complete suite of services you provide to refresh their memory. Also, add the company logo, brand name, and tagline displayed prominently for a touch of exclusivity and create a compelling visual impression. Make sure the envelope also carries the logo for instant recognition. Recipients should feel privileged to have received a Holiday greeting from you. 

Include Messages

When you’re sending out a couple of hundred Holiday greetings, customizing each one of them can be challenging. But, take the time to sign a few cards intended for your top-ranking clients personally. Add a warm message preferably centered around your association with them. A few handwritten lines to the printed wishes make recipients feel valued and respected. 

Work With the Experts

Since you work in a creative sphere, designing architectural cards should come naturally to you. But, consider contacting the professionals. The company taking your order will likely have a selection of prefabricated themes that you can use as a template for designing your cards. You’ll also get expert advice on the placement and sizes of the fonts and color schemes that best coordinate the Holiday season. Select the themes that appeal to you and match your business vision before placing an order for the number of cards you need. 


When the Holidays are fast approaching, you need to be ready with your marketing campaign for the season well before time. Select and design impressive cards and send them out to advertise your business. 

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