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The Best Ways To Keep Your Vacation Memories Alive

After getting back from the trip of a lifetime, you can feel a little deflated as you are faced with reality. No more adventurous day trips out, cocktails on the beach or incredible scenic walks at sunrise… until your next trip! So, until that does come around, focus on the good times you’ve already had, to keep you going until you are next hopping on a plane to an exciting new destination. Here we will delve into the best ways to keep your vacation memories alive.

Cook The Delicacies You Tried Whilst Away

Nothing brings the family together more than meal times. So, a super fun way to relive your travels is to have themed dinners that you create together. For example, if you went away to Mexico, you can have a Mexican-themed night with all your favorite dishes, whether it’s quesadillas, fajitas, or chimichangas. You could even dress up to make it even more of an event. Store all your best travel recipes in a personalized recipe card box, where you can write down all the different meals you’ve made, along with the steps and ingredients to create them.

Organize Your Photos

If you took a decent amount of photographs on your trip, then a great way to keep your vacation memories alive is to sort these out. You can post them to Facebook or Instagram, order canvas prints of the best ones, or even arrange them into a photo album that you can revisit whenever you please. Sorting out your pictures can be therapeutic, and you’ll enjoy remembering back to all the amazing sights you’ve seen and incredible things you’ve done.

Keep Souvenirs and Use Them As Decorations

Whenever you go away, it’s always nice to bring back a souvenir to remind you of everywhere you’ve been. Pick up fridge magnets, local currency, postcards, or whatever catches your eye. If you pick up the same type of souvenir everywhere you go, you could start to create a miniature display of them all, adding to it each time you go somewhere new. Get creative with it!

Write Things Down

Whether on your own blog, social media posts, a journal, or emails to yourself, write down your travel stories. You’ll love to read over these in years to come and all the fond memories will come rushing back, including small details you may have forgotten. If you keep a travel journal, you can also include pictures or mementos you picked up along the way, to accompany your words.

Talk About Your Trips

Whether it’s with family and friends, or people you met whilst away, talking about your trips can be a nice way to ensure you don’t forget any of it. As well, it can inspire others who might want to do a similar trip to you. Or, it can also be a great way of reconnecting with friends that you met on your vacation. 

By thinking back to the good times, you can truly appreciate all that you’ve done. It can also act as inspiration for any future trips you have. 

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