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The Biggest Challenges Seniors Face

It is well established that life expectancy has been on the rise in recent years due to improvements in healthcare and how we live. While we all want to live for a long time, doing so comes with its own challenges. Many people do not pay attention to these challenges until they face them or see a loved one struggling. In this article, we will look at some of these challenges and how you can help so that seniors can age with dignity.

Financial Insecurity

While people are living longer, employment and retirement have not evolved the same way. Because of this, many people end up working past their retirement  age. However, even in cases where they are willing to do this, they may not get the opportunities they would have if they were younger.

Additionally, managing finances and planning have become more challenging for seniors because everything is done online now. Lastly, there is the issue of scams and fraud which many seniors are vulnerable to.

The best way to deal with these issues is through proper planning and teaching, i.e., planning for finances to last about 30 years after retirement and teaching seniors to recognize scams and fraud.

Getting the Right Care

Most people want to live independently for as long as possible. While this is admirable, it is not practical past a certain age. Many seniors require specialized care and while family members can help, that is not always possible or practical, especially long term. Caregivers have their own lives and responsibilities, and they may feel like they are putting their lives on hold to take care of a loved one.

In these cases, it is always best to let professionals take care of a loved one. Assisted living provides a great balance between ensuring a loved one has the care they need and access to loved ones. Assisted living facilities have qualified staff including nurses standing by to provide the care a loved one needs as they age. The Myrtle Beach assisted living services provided by Portside will ensure your loved one is cared for and is never alone as they age.

Access to Healthcare

Unfortunately, healthcare is very challenging for seniors. This is because healthcare systems around the world are broken and can be challenging to navigate for those with long term conditions. This issue requires the healthcare system to coordinate elder care, which includes everything from coordinating medications to care.

Difficulty with Everyday Tasks

Our dexterity and mobility decline as we age. This makes it more difficult to handle or complete everyday tasks. These difficulties can make it harder for people to take care of themselves, socialize, pursue their interests, or even go out. This is a serious issue because it causes loneliness and isolation, both of which are bad for a person’s mental, physical and emotional health. More support is required to help seniors navigate the word and their lives independently.

Aging can be incredibly difficult regardless of how or where you live. Sadly, many seniors go through these challenges alone, and that is never good. It is upon us all to provide the support seniors need to age with dignity.

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